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For centuries humans have held an endless fascination with circles
Attributing meaning where they are found from the eternal rotation of the planets around the Sun
To a simple wedding band and I more than most know full well just how a circle can affect one's life
I can't help but fear sometimes that all of this could be
ripped away at any moment
It doesn't matter Sassenach
Do you see how small a thing death is between us
You belong with me, we're mated for life Sassenach
I never took it off
I've never been able to give you much, ever
The silver candlesticks I ken my mother give her blessing
to fashion partly into a ring for you
She would be proud to know she raised such a thoughtful son
Do you like it ?
It's wonderful
Might I request the pleasure of your company for dinner
Madame. You may.
24 years ago, I married you Sassenach I hope I have never given you cause to regret it
I want us to make a home together, a place that's ours
I've been dreaming of a moment alone with you for weeks
Five ?
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Outlander - Jamie and Claire - Bone of my Bone

106 Folder Collection
Epaphras published on February 13, 2019
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