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I asked her to marry me
and she said no

So what did I do
I actually followed her across an ocean

and finally tracked her down
convinced her to marry me
You'll marry me
How can I say no to a man who pursue me for two hundred years
And on the very night we were handfast, wed
We started fighting
and we said
I intended to go home
But then I changed my mind and went back
and instead of finding her
I found a man, who

I now believe to be her father who beat me near onto death and sold me to the Mohawk
and even then
even then, I had yet another chance to walk
away, to go home

all I had to do was reach out and touch it
but did I
I stood there
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Outlander - Roger and Brianna reunited at last - Roger's Tale

57 Folder Collection
Epaphras published on February 13, 2019
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