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  • Why do we taste coffee?

  • Different coffees from different places in the world have different flavor nuances,

  • so we are really looking to capture and benchmark those flavors and really looking at coffee quality.

  • I'm Leslie Wolford, and I work on the coffee Quality Team and I get to taste coffee for a living.

  • So, the first thing is smell the coffee.

  • It is a good indication of what you're gonna get to taste.

  • So if you're excited about something you're smelling, chances are it's gonna be really good when you get to taste it.

  • Step Number 2 is slurping.

  • You can't evaluate what you're tasting until you slurp.

  • And so, when you slurp, I'm going to be pulling air into my mouth.

  • And the idea with that is it's gonna coat the whole inside of my mouth and really help me create an impression of the coffee.

  • So, just gonna drip my spoon in there.

  • I kind of chew it up a little bit, roll it around.

  • It helps me get a really good impression of the coffee.

  • And then we're going to actually use words to describe what we're tasting.

  • I get a little bit of a chocolate flavor, fresh green herbs, earthy, syrupy, flavors of citrus, floral notes,

  • and it has a very nice, pleasing sweetness to it.

  • The idea is to explore all of the great flavors that there are out there in coffee.

  • Enjoy it. Taste it. Share it. Because coffee is fun!

  • Coffee always surprises.

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Why do we taste coffee?

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