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  • The average couple has sex for anywhere from 30 seconds to about 45 minutes.

  • Now, 45 minutes sounds long until

  • you consider the brown antechinus.

  • For two weeks every mating season,

  • a male will mate as much as physically possible.

  • Sometimes having sex for up to 14 hours at a time,

  • flitting from one female to the next.

  • And all that testosterone revs up

  • his stress hormone production into overdrive.

  • That, in turn, crashes his immune system,

  • making him extremely vulnerable to disease and infection.

  • Oftentimes, he dies before his young are even born.

  • Scientists call this kamikaze mating

  • technique "suicidal reproduction."

  • It turns out that for many species, sex kills.

  • Take the male honeybee. His primary job?

  • Mate with the queen. But sadly for him,

  • he only gets to mate once

  • because during the act, his reproductive organs

  • are ripped off and his testicles explode.

  • In the process, his semen shoots

  • through her oviduct where she stores it for later use.

  • Hey, at least it's a quick death,

  • especially compared to some deep sea anglerfish.

  • Like the triplewart seadevil.

  • This one's a female, and you see

  • that tiny parasite on her side?

  • That's the male. It would be like

  • if a human male only came up to a woman's ankle.

  • Instead of hunting for his own food,

  • the male bites into the female,

  • fusing his body with hers and living

  • off the nutrients in her blood.

  • In return, he provides the one thing he has to offer: sperm.

  • But, there's a catch. In the process,

  • his body shrivels up. He loses his eyes, fins,

  • and most internal organs until ultimately

  • he becomes just a portable sperm bank for the female.

  • Fortunately, not all males have it that rough.

  • The short-beaked echidna survives mating,

  • but his sex life is anything but ordinary.

  • He'll line up with around nine other males

  • and follow a single female for up

  • to a month during mating season.

  • But here's the interesting part.

  • Females have a forked reproductive tract,

  • but that doesn't deter the males

  • because they have a four-headed penis.

  • So during sex, the male alternates,

  • swapping out spent pairs as each fires its semen.

  • And that semen is supercharged.

  • Hundreds of sperm glom together into bundles

  • which can swim faster than individual sperm,

  • increasing their chance of fertilization.

  • If that's not impressive enough,

  • his penis reaches nearly a quarter

  • of his body length when erect.

  • But that's nothing compared to a barnacle's.

  • That little crustacean has proportionally

  • the longest penis of any animal on Earth,

  • spanning up to 10 times his body size.

  • That's like humans reaching the length of a bowling lane.

  • And the barnacle needs it

  • because he can't move around very easily.

  • So he casts out his giant penis

  • like a fishing line to find a mate.

  • It waves about in the current,

  • reaching to touch and fertilize

  • the female organs of its neighbor.

  • Bee or barnacle, reproduction finds

  • creative ways to continue on.

The average couple has sex for anywhere from 30 seconds to about 45 minutes.

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The Most Extreme Sex In The Animal Kingdom

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