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  • It's time to read from our favorite book.

  • Yay, story time.

  • Elmo loves story time.

  • What's today's story about, Franny?

  • Our story begins in Africa,

  • where we might meet up with our photo safari guide,

  • Amani, and her mom.

  • Oh, what's a safari?

  • A safari is a journey or expedition

  • to spot wild animals where they live

  • in their natural habitat.

  • Elmo can't wait to see all of the animals.

  • Me too, I love animals,

  • especially African bush babies.

  • Amani, you and your mom know all the best places

  • to see all the best animals.

  • We sure do.

  • Look over there.

  • Look, some zebras.

  • Zebras are Elmo's favorite.

  • Did you know that each zebra's stripes are different?

  • That's so cool.

  • When do we get to see my favorite animal,

  • the African bush baby?

  • Boy, that's one big elephant.

  • Hello, Mr. Elephant.

  • Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.

  • Here's a baby impala, and its mom.

  • When that impala grows up, it can run as fast as a car.

  • He's so cute.

  • Wow, Elmo's seen so many amazing animals.

  • Not as amazing as an African bush baby.

  • The sun is starting to set, and that means we have

  • to head back before it gets too dark.

  • Oh, Elmo's sorry that you didn't see

  • your favorite animal, Frankie.

  • Hey Frankie, someone's looking at you.

  • Hey, it's an African bush baby!

  • Bush babies are nocturnal.

  • They're what?

  • Nocturnal means they're animals that sleep all day,

  • and only come out at night.

  • That's why we didn't see any before.

  • Want to borrow my camera?

  • Thanks Franny.

  • That was a great adventure in Africa.

  • Yeah, Elmo loved it.

  • I can't wait to hear the next story.

It's time to read from our favorite book.

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Sesame Street: Elmo's African Safari | Story Time Adventures #1

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    Liang Chen posted on 2019/02/13
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