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It's time to read from our favorite book.
Yay, story time.
Elmo loves story time.
What's today's story about, Franny?
Our story begins in Africa,
where we might meet up with our photo safari guide,
Amani, and her mom.
Oh, what's a safari?
A safari is a journey or expedition
to spot wild animals where they live
in their natural habitat.
Elmo can't wait to see all of the animals.
Me too, I love animals,
especially African bush babies.
Amani, you and your mom know all the best places
to see all the best animals.
We sure do.
Look over there.
Look, some zebras.
Zebras are Elmo's favorite.
Did you know that each zebra's stripes are different?
That's so cool.
When do we get to see my favorite animal,
the African bush baby?
Boy, that's one big elephant.
Hello, Mr. Elephant.
Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.
Here's a baby impala, and its mom.
When that impala grows up, it can run as fast as a car.
He's so cute.
Wow, Elmo's seen so many amazing animals.
Not as amazing as an African bush baby.
The sun is starting to set, and that means we have
to head back before it gets too dark.
Oh, Elmo's sorry that you didn't see
your favorite animal, Frankie.
Hey Frankie, someone's looking at you.
Hey, it's an African bush baby!
Bush babies are nocturnal.
They're what?
Nocturnal means they're animals that sleep all day,
and only come out at night.
That's why we didn't see any before.
Want to borrow my camera?
Thanks Franny.
That was a great adventure in Africa.
Yeah, Elmo loved it.
I can't wait to hear the next story.
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Sesame Street: Elmo's African Safari | Story Time Adventures #1

285 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on February 13, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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