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Hello everyone, my name is Damien Monnier, Im one of the designers on Witcher Wild Hunt and in this video Im gonna teach you how to be a professional Witcher
In the Witcher: Wild Hunt, you will face many dangers.
Here we will explore some of the best weapons, armor, tools, as well as tactics to slay the fiercest of enemies you and your allies will encounter.
In Novigrad help Hattori return to the forge and in return he will craft for you master level weapons.
Greetings, Éibhear.
Greetings Geralt. How might I be of help?
Listen, would you craft something for me?
For armor at a master level help Yoana and Fergus at Crow's Perch.
Geralt! Good of you to come by. What can I do for you?
Need some armor made. Witcher's armor.
Heed the locations revealed in Treasure Hunt quests to scavenge for diagrams featuring weapon and armor sets from the distinctive Witcher schools.
Once the mastercrafted diagrams are located Hattori & Yoana will forge these sets for you.
WITCHER SCHOOLS Once the mastercrafted diagrams are located Hattori & Yoana will forge these sets for you.
Once the mastercrafted diagrams are located Hattori & Yoana will forge these sets for you.
The School of the Cat. A light armor set, providing faster Stamina Regeneration. It's bonuses include +70% Resistance to elemental damage and +50% to Attack Power.
The Feline blades offer a bonus to Aard Sign Intensity and a higher chance to cause bleeding.
The Cat School Techniques are fit for a nimble assassin who enjoys fast strikes and dancing around staggered enemies.
Increase your fast attack damage and bleeding effect with Muscle Memory and Crippling Strikes.
Use Fleet Footed to negate damage from enemies while dodging.
Equip skills to increase Adrenaline Point gain, such as Resolve and Razor Focus.
Once your Adrenaline Points are filled, use Whirl, a spinning attack that strikes all foes in the surrounding area.
or you can use Flood of Anger to cast a max level sign.
The Aard sign sends a directed telekinetic blast to stagger opponents.
The alternate sign, Aard Sweep, strikes all foes in a certain radius.
If the enemy is knocked down, you can pounce on them with a swift execution.
The School of the Griffin, my favorite. This medium armor set provides a 50% bonus to sign intensity and resistance to damage from monsters.
The blades of the Griffin provide an increase to critical hit damage and sign intensity.
For those who enjoy enhanced magical capabilities the techniques of the Griffin School maximize the effective power of signs.
Equip Focus, Adrenaline Burst, and Rage Management allowing you to cast signs using gained Adrenaline points when your current stamina is too low.
Use the Igni sign to burn a group of charging drowners.
The Alternate sign, Firestream, is very effective against some heavily armored enemies.
When outnumbered, use Axii to stun up to two enemies at once.
The Alternate sign, Puppet, forces a target to briefly become your ally and deal 60% more damage.
The School of the Wolf. This medium armor set provides +50% Resistance to damage from monsters and an increase to attack power, adrenaline point gain, and sign intensity.
The blades of the Wolf provide a boost to adrenaline point gain, sign intensity, critical hit chance, and the chance to cause bleeding.
Wolf School Techniques cater to a Witcher with a keen combination of swordsmanship and signs. Equip skills to increase Adrenaline point gain, such as Muscle Memory, Razor Focus, and Whirl.
The Yrden sign will slow enemies in a certain radius.
Combine Yrden with Whirl to unleash a flurry of silver and steel to a slow moving enemy.
The Alternate sign, Magic Trap, damages and slows enemies and even destroys projectiles passing through the area.
The School of the Bear. This Heavy armor set decreases Stamina Regeneration, but the set bonus provides a +70% resistance to damage from monsters and +50% Adrenaline Point gain.
The blades of the Bear feature a 75% Critical hit damage bonus and an increase to Adrenaline point gain.
Bear School Techniques will fortify one who prefers a vigorous brawl.
Equip Strength Training, Crushing Blows, Rend, and Sunder Armor, providing significant bonuses to your Heavy Attack.
You may use the Quen sign as a protective shield. The alternate sign, Active Shield, will only drain stamina on blocked attacks, and the damage absorbed will restore some of your vitality.
Use Active Shield to move closer to the enemy, unharmed.
Activate Quen to absorb enemy strikes.
And cut them down with a fully charged Rend attack.
Knowledge of the natural world empowers you to create potions to heal yourself or even enhance your fighting style.
Oils and bombs can weaken an enemy and turn overwhelming odds into your favor.
The Thunderbolt and Swallow potions increase attack power and heal you. A safe bet for a Witcher and his sword play.
Hack and slash through any obstacle with Thunderbolt and Maribor Forest, increasing attack power and adrenaline point gain.
For those of you who love their magic - Petri's Philter and Tawny Owl will increase sign intensity and stamina regeneration.
A Witcher's blade coated with Superior oil will deal 50% more attack damage.
The witcher's bestiary will inform the reader which oil will be the most effective against a variety of monsters, or men.
Bombs are used to destroy nests, incapacitate a group of hostiles, and even prevent the use of magic.
If you find yourself against a group of Foglets, use Moon Dust to prevent them from disappearing.
The same goes for Wraiths.
Blind the three eyes of a Fiend with a Samum bomb.
Poison a group of bandits with Devil's Puff Ball.
Nullify the magical abilities of Elementals with a Dimerritium Bomb.
Use Grapeshot to bring down the beasts of the sky.
And when facing a swarm of Nekkers, simply use Northern Wind.
With trustworthy blades, sturdy armor, and of course the right preparation, you can deal with any monsters… but in the politics of men, with Hearts of Stone….you will be on your own.
Ok, that's it for now, there are more tips to discuss, however Im gonna save that for another video.
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - XB1/PS4/PC - #BeAPro with ESL (Part 1: The Professional)

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Ilers published on February 11, 2019
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