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"The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. Now is the
time for you to wake up to your fullest
The old saying you snooze you lose has a
deeper meaning than any of us realize.
Think about why did you wake up this
morning and whatever that reason is an
embrace it and use it as your reason to
wake up. Now for anyone out there that's
a snooze-a-holic. Hal breaks down a
5 step snooze-proof wake up strategy.
The first is to set your intentions
before you go to bed.
The second is to move your alarm clock
across the room that way you have to
stand up and go and turn it off.
The 3rd step is to brush your teeth.
The 4th step is to drink a complete
glass of water, and the 5th step is to
get dressed or jump in the shower. Do
that process and you won't have to worry about
being a snooze-a-holic. One of the other
great principles in "The Miracle Morning"
is 6 practices that guaranteed to save
you from a life of unfulfilled potential.
Life savers and he says savers as an
acronym, S. A. V. E. R. S. The 1st "S" is
for silence, begin every day with silence
as a way to reduce stress and gain some
type of self-awareness. The 2nd in
savers is "A" day is for affirmations to
create your affirmations. Think about
what you really want in life,
why you want it, whom you are committed to
being, what you are committed to doing,
also add inspirational quotes and
philosophies to it. The next letter and
savers is "V" V is for visualization.
Visualize exactly what you want.
Visualize the person that you need to
become to achieve all of these great
things. The next is "E" is for exercise.
Morning exercise should be a staple in
your daily rituals now this doesn't have
to be necessarily going to the gym for
two hours, it can literally just be doing
a couple sit ups on the floor or buying
a tiny
trampoline jumping up and down on that.
The next letter is "R" which is for
reading. Reading is a 5th practice of
the life savers (savers) in this process.
Read the more you read the more you
learn the more you earn as Warren
Buffett has said. The last "S" is scribbling.
Scribbling is the final practice in the
life savers and is really just another
word for writing. So write 5-10 minutes a
day a journal just let all your thoughts
out put them on paper organized goals
that you have for out the day. Another
great principle in this book is
something that Hal calls the 6 minute
miracle. Now the 6 minute miracle is
designed to get real results in
6 minutes.
The 1st minute is to envision yourself
waking up peacefully every single
morning with the big yawn and stretch
and the smile on your face.
The 2nd minute is to pull out your daily
affirmations, the ones that remind you of
your unlimited potential, and also what's
most important to you? What are your
priorities? The 3rd minute is to close
your eyes and visualize what you desire
you have a vision board that's great use
that. The 4th minute, take one minute
to write down some of the things that
you're grateful for and that you're
proud of. The 5th minute
grab your self-help book and invest one
miraculous minute reading a page or 2.
Learn a new idea something that you can
incorporate in your day to become better.
And the six-minute stand up and spend
the last minute moving your body for 60
seconds, maybe run in place, maybe do a
minute of jumping jacks, sit-ups, whatever
just get the body moving. Motion creates
emotion. Now it's very important to
customize your miracle morning because
everybody has different dreams, goals, and
desires. So make your miracle morning
customized to set yourself up to achieve
the life that you've always dreamed of
and to have all the filling success you've
ever desired. Thank you guys so much for
watching part of my morning miracle is
to commit to growing this channel to
impact people's lives in a positive way.
One of the goals is to provide so much
value that it generates over a hundred
thousand subscribers so if you like the
video subscribe and hit the like button
also comment below if you're an early
riser or if you tend to be a night owl.
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The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Animation Book Summary

460 Folder Collection
林雲淡 published on February 4, 2019
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