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Brace yourselves, the coldest temperatures
of the whole year will be next week, and that's

because, the polar vortex is going to wallop
us with yet another blast of cold air at the

end of January.
I'm going to tell you if the polar vortex
is going to affect your area in just a second,

but first, the intro.
Welcome back to your youtube weather report,
I'm charlotte dobre.

This is IO, where we make the news more entertaining,
and I'm charlotte dobre, queen of potatoes,

mother of spuds.
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Our frigid friend the polar vortex is about
to make another cold entrance.

If you haven't seen or previous video on
the polar vortex, check out the video that's

clickable on your screen right now.
But here's the deal, last weekend, a huge
chunk of north America and Europe experienced

extremely cold temperatures.
I know I went outside in the polar vortex
and my face hurt.

Never again.
I mean we Canadians are used to super cold
winters, but this was even bad for us, and

that's saying something.
But get ready, it seems that the polar vortex
has not completed its mission to turn us all

into human icicles, its coming back with a

Meteorologist Jeff webber says that its going
to get really cold at the end of January and

early February.
Experts are saying that the end of January
will bring the coldest temperatures of the

year, even record breaking.
And that's because the polar vortex, that
usually scrooges around in the artic circle,

has been knocked off balance.
The polar vortex first made headlines 5 years

Basically, it is a massive swirling vortex
of cool air, rotating around at the top of

our planet until the return of the sun in
the spring warms it up.

Its knocked off balance by, fickle weather
patterns and storms, which cut into the vortex

and allows the cold air to spill out, and
travel all the way down to Canada, the united

states and some parts of Europe.
It first showed signs of disturbance in early

But there's another culprit as well.
I know a lot of you are down there in the
comments already like, so much for global

warming, don't lie, I saw your comments
on the last video.

But its important to note that global warming
is actually one of the main causes.

Dramatic warming events that occur 20 miles
up in the atmosphere also knock the vortex

off balance.
A band of warm air, cuts into a big puddle
of cold air, according to john martin, atmospheric

We don't know a whole lot about what causes
these dramatic warming events, but many experts

believe that they could be evidence of climate

The arctic is warming over twice as fast as
the rest of the globe, and sea ice that covers

the artic ocean is melting.
Arctic sea ice is reflective, and according
to research, without this ice cover, more

heat escapes from the oceans, which then cuts
into the polar vortex.

According to mathematician Marlene Kretschmer,
over the last decades, the stratospheric polar

vortex has become weaker and less stable,
so arctic air masses can escape more easily

towards the north American and Eurasian continents.
According to news channel 5, the coming weeks
could bring one of the most extreme cold air

outbreaks in years.
So, is this blast of cold air going to affect
where you live?

Ontario, is expecting 20 centimeters of snow
on Tuesday.

On Tuesday January 29th the polar vortex will
plunge toward the great lakes, so any and

all states around that area.
These temperatures will be 40 to 50 degrees
farenheit lower than normal.

Negative 40 in ohio, -3 to -12 in Kentucky,
and in north Dakota, brace yourselves – 63

degrees farenheit.
And yes, in case you're wondering, this
is dangerous.

Even if an air temperature states that it
will be -20 or -30, that doesn't account

for the wind chill, which will make it feel
much colder.

Winds are expected to be 30 miles per hour
or higher.

Invest in extremely warm clothing, get out
your big puffers.

Layer up with long johns.
Make sure your hands and face are covered.
These temperatures could easily give you frost

Honestly im super worried about the homeless
people who don't have a place to go.

I know in Toronto, the freezing winter killed
100 homeless people in 2017.

Anyways friends, that's something to think
about, stay warm out there, but for now, I'm

going to wrap up this video with some comment
replies from my last video about the polar

Samira – this is what I get for complaining
about no snow.

Tacos forever – I left my coffee outside
for 2 minutes to cool down and when I went

to go get it, it was an ice coffee cube.
Or ice coffee popsicle?
Marionette – I live in Scotland and apparently

its supposed to be really bad snow for 1 month.
As far as I know, the vortex will affect the
UK and Europe too.

High voltage – guys its ok its only the
ice king event.

Worst case scenario we got a bunch of ice

Worst case scenario HAH.
That's a pretty bad worst case.
Master of the universe – heres what you
can do.

Buy flamethrowers millions of flamethrowers.
Yeah guys lets all get a flamethrower and
just set it to high , point it and fire it

at the wind.
Fox pack – ooooh wow.
Sooo fake.
U all have to be fools to believe this.
Are you guys kids or something.
This channel is lying to us.
Why believe her.
See theres this nifty new thing called google.
Type in the words, polar vortex in google,
press enter, and then come talk to me about

Colby the cat – hopefully it cancels my

That would be really nice
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Polar Vortex Returns But This Time It Will Be WORSE

182 Folder Collection
Kevin Chang published on February 1, 2019
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