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Some mornings you have to take a mental-health day and say fuck it. I am going to watch panda videos
I don't want an education. I don't want to go to work. I just want to laugh at some dumbass fucking pandas
I love that pandas are not afraid to take risks. This panda ninja rolls away from the
zookeepers and says: "Eat a dick! If I want to see what's at the bottom of this ditch, that's my right.
It's my right as a panda. Now
let go of me bloody cankles!" And there he goes! screaming FREEDOM like William Wallace
Ah shit this leads to nowhere. Just a dead end. This panda is like Bear Grylls
He's managed to climb to high ground so he can get his bearings
Very smart panda. OH NO! He's a fucking idiot! I take it back
Why was he sitting on such a thin branch? All the humans are filming him and laughing. He's like:
"Oh yeah, lap it up
I've seen Planet of the Apes. Pandas are going to copy them, we're gonna fuck you up. Mark my panda words."
And yeah nah, it's possibility they could destroy us. I mean look at this one rip off a snowman's head
They're definitely not pussies. They know how to fight when the going gets tough. This one is like:
"Just give me ya bloody jacket. You took me forest, now I get a jacket. That's the agreement.
oh, this is a good jacket!" This bloody human keeps trying to pander the pandas
But the pandas are saying "don't fucking pander us!" and they managed to get his boot off
Crikey these pandas are like Arnie in Terminator 2. I need your clothes your boots and your fucking motorcycle
Overall I joke about these dopey little cumbersome bastards, but I reckon the world would be a shit.. Oh!
He did a fucking
backflip! This panda should try out for the Chinese
Olympic team as I was saying I reckon it would be a shit world without them. Fuck yes, pandas. Fuck yes.
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Ozzy Man Reviews: Pandas

287 Folder Collection
Bruce Yang published on January 30, 2019
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