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  • Some mornings you have to take a mental-health day and say fuck it. I am going to watch panda videos

  • I don't want an education. I don't want to go to work. I just want to laugh at some dumbass fucking pandas

  • I love that pandas are not afraid to take risks. This panda ninja rolls away from the

  • zookeepers and says: "Eat a dick! If I want to see what's at the bottom of this ditch, that's my right.

  • It's my right as a panda. Now

  • let go of me bloody cankles!" And there he goes! screaming FREEDOM like William Wallace


  • Ah shit this leads to nowhere. Just a dead end. This panda is like Bear Grylls

  • He's managed to climb to high ground so he can get his bearings

  • Very smart panda. OH NO! He's a fucking idiot! I take it back

  • Why was he sitting on such a thin branch? All the humans are filming him and laughing. He's like:

  • "Oh yeah, lap it up

  • I've seen Planet of the Apes. Pandas are going to copy them, we're gonna fuck you up. Mark my panda words."

  • And yeah nah, it's possibility they could destroy us. I mean look at this one rip off a snowman's head

  • They're definitely not pussies. They know how to fight when the going gets tough. This one is like:

  • "Just give me ya bloody jacket. You took me forest, now I get a jacket. That's the agreement.

  • oh, this is a good jacket!" This bloody human keeps trying to pander the pandas

  • But the pandas are saying "don't fucking pander us!" and they managed to get his boot off

  • Crikey these pandas are like Arnie in Terminator 2. I need your clothes your boots and your fucking motorcycle

  • Overall I joke about these dopey little cumbersome bastards, but I reckon the world would be a shit.. Oh!

  • He did a fucking

  • backflip! This panda should try out for the Chinese

  • Olympic team as I was saying I reckon it would be a shit world without them. Fuck yes, pandas. Fuck yes.

Some mornings you have to take a mental-health day and say fuck it. I am going to watch panda videos

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