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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite.
"My dumb bet" stories from you guys.
This first one is from @gumgumerson.
-Interesting first name. -Gum.
-He says:''One time on vacation, I bet my dad I could catch more lizards than him. For the whole week, I was woken up by him putting lizards i my face and yelling, ''Scoreboard!''
-Grow up, dude. -"Wake up!"
-This next one's from @missgreenwalt.
She says: ''When I was a kid, I bet my sister my bed because it was the biggest thing I owned. When I lost, my mom said I had to give it to her so I'd learn the consequence of gambling. So, my sister was nine and had two beds.''
Living the life, man.
Two beds.
This one's from @mrcooperclark.
He says:'' I once won $10 because my friend insisted his name was ''Samuelel Jackson.''
-Samuelel. -Yeah, from the Bible.
-This one's from @logylogues. -Oh, logy logues.
-I wonder if they're friends with Gum Gumerson.
He says:'' In 2017 I bet a haircut on the Patriot/Giants Super Bowl. This was the outcome:''
There you go.
That's pretty bad.
That's a pretty bad bet right there.
-Now you gotta pay the bets.
-Lost by a hair.
Don't get hurt, anybody.
This one's from @CraigLefferts.
He said:''I got cocky one day and bet $1.000 on my kid's little league game. He was really confused why Daddy was crying when the game was over.''
"I just thought the Tigers had a chance, that's all.
Let's go get ice cream!"
This one's from @vestureuk.
He says:'' He lost a bet, and as a result I'm on the proud owner of a Prawn Tina Turner tattoo with the tagline ''shrimply the best.''
Oh, my God.
Why would you bet that?
What would be worth it?
-That's fantastic.
This last one's from @rockefeller88.
He says: ''My friend bet me I wouldn't eat semi-chewed gum off a gas pump. Unfortunately, I won.''
There you go, everybody.
-Those are my "Tonight Show Hashtags."
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Hashtags: #MyDumbBet

358 Folder Collection
Clément published on January 29, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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