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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
#MyWeirdRoommate stories from you guys.
This first one is from @hoseway.
No, H-O-S-E.
Like a garden hose.
He says, "My roommate would lay on the couch watching TV shirtless.
He would have ranch dressing on one side of his chest,
cheese dip on the other, and a mountain of chips resting on his stomach."
That's the hose way.
That's the hose way right there, man.
This one's from @karamisu.
She says, "In college, my roommate came to me in a panic and
told me her snake got out.
I had no idea she had a snake."
There's a snake?
At 818.
This one's from @Jacobchiller.
@Jacobchiller he says,
"My roommate would come home drunk holding his shoes by the laces,
swing them around like nunchucks, and
attack me while I was trying to sleep, yelling, 'I'm Michelangelo!'"
"I'm Michelangelo!"
This next one is from @audrey87024230.
She says, "If the vending machine didn't have cheddar sour cream chips,
my roommate would lie on her bed in sadness and say,
'When the vending machine is empty, I am empty.'"
-I'm with the roommate. -Cheddar sour cream chips.
I'm with the roommate.
This one's from @LakeShowFanatic.
He says, "I had a roommate that would
pour toilet bowl cleaner on his dirty dishes,
then leave them in the sink.
He said, 'If it's good enough to clean toilets,
it's good enough to clean plates.'"
What was on the plate?
Oh, he's doing chaw too.
"Hey, if it's good enough for..."
"Good enough to clean them plates."
This one's from @jasonaland.
He says, "My college roommate bought size 22 sneakers,
put them in the middle of our living room,
just so when people came over and saw them he could say,
'Oh, my girlfriend's in the shower.'"
God, what's ? Where's the win?
What did he expect the reaction would be?
I guess you'd be like, "Wow. She's really tall."
That was a good bit. I kind of like it, man.
I give you props. I think it's funny.
Yeah, you're going to do that one?
I think that's a funny bit, man.
This last one here is from @diane-kinkade.
She says, "My college roommate tried to kill a spider
that was on the window pane with a hammer.
She missed the spider."
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Hashtags: #MyWeirdRoommate

382 Folder Collection
Clément published on January 29, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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