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  • I thought I'd share

  • some of my favorite #StonerStories from you guys.

  • Here, this first one's from @Duffield.

  • She says: ''My brother once got high before my parents got home and tried to hide the smell by putting deodorant all over his bedroom walls.''

  • It was a roll. It was a stick.

  • It was Secret. It's a secret.

  • Roll on deodorant, too.

  • This one is from @petegaden. He said: ''My friend and I started crying at a petting zoo because we thought the sheep were shouting at us.''

  • You're b-a-a-a-ad!

  • This one's from @Jimsensei2112.

  • He says:'' During a Pink Floyd concert the guy next to me was blowing up a beach mball. I asked him, ''Dude, what kind of gum is THAT?''

  • This one's from @freakinpirate.

  • -Oh, that guy.

  • -He says: ''I came home, put a frozen pizza in the microwave, then entered my pin number.''

  • There you go.

  • "Two, three..."

  • This one's from @DismukeKaitlyn.

  • She says:''While stoned in the shower, I started panicking because my vision was suddenly getting blurrier and blurrier. I had left my glases on.''

  • This one's from @AmandoAlexander.

  • She says:'' I peeled a stick f butter and ate it like a banana.''

  • Oh, that's --

  • -This one's from @breezeplayer.

  • She says: ''Once at a concert I kept using my makeup concealer stick instead of chapstick. My friends cracked up because it looked like I had no lips.''

  • At least she didn't see it. She'd be really freaked out.

  • This last one's from @ibyellow.

  • She says:'' I forgot I ordered Chinese food, so I ordered a pizza. Then I forgot I ordered the pizza and made grilled cheese.''

  • There you go!

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I thought I'd share

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