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  • So I feel a bit obligated to talk about France.

  • It was really fun, really.

  • Okay, one thing though, every meal is, like, SUPER important in France.

  • Except for breakfast, for some reason.

  • For lunch and dinner, everyone sat down together as a family and talked.

  • But for breakfast, they were just like:

  • "Here's a croissant! Okay, let's go."

  • I mean, breakfast is only the most important meal of the day.

  • And I was going to make a joke about how they have an entire aisle of cheese in the grocery store, but I realised back home we have an entire aisle for candy and ice cream.

  • So, whatever.

  • We went to the Louvre, which was like so amazing.

  • They had really cool art by famous people.

  • They had the famous statue with no arms.

  • They had these really fancy rooms because apparently people used to live here?

  • And probably the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa.

  • That room was super crowded.

  • And right behind the Mona Lisa, there was this super tall painting that probably took twenty years to make.

  • The picture frame was as wide as my body.

  • But were people crowded around this one taking pictures?

  • No.

  • I don't even know what this one's called.

  • The American school system has failed me yet again.

  • And as someone who likes to draw, I thought it was really cool to look at the amazing color and details.

  • Also, I took a bunch of pictures of butts!

  • Look, this is the really famous no-arm one!

  • Look at her butt!

  • So I had a good time, but afterwards we went to the Picasso Museum, Modern Art Museum, and this other one.

  • I forgot it's name.

  • It was French.

  • And it's kind of weird going into these places as someone who likes to draw cartoons.

  • Oh, I like the colors, they're pretty neat.

  • And oh, putting the face on the side of the head.

  • That's...that's an

  • But I kind of have to draw the line somewhere, Picasso.

  • I mean, just look at this!

  • Why is it framed?

  • Someone...someone framed this.

  • And Picasso was a good artist.

  • Shoot. He's better than me.

  • So why do they brought this stuff to hang up?

  • Would you call this his best work?

  • It's not just Picasso, look at the modern art museums.

  • My favourite piece was the painting of a black ring.

  • In fact, I loved it so much that I drew over it in my phone.

  • And probably spent more time and thought than the actual artist!

  • I'm not saying the more real a painting looks, the more artsy it is.

  • Oh wait, yes I am.

  • I mean, look at my drawings.

  • No seriously. Look at them.

  • Their heads are super round, and they're so white they can't dance.

  • If I entered an art contest against Leonardo Da Vinci, he would win!

  • Because his stuff took talent, it's not easy to draw something exactly like it does in real life.

  • But cartoons?

  • They're easy.

  • They're so easy.

  • And I know I'm leaving out paintings with color schemes and forms.

  • And after seeing this, I've come up with something called the Keith Haring Principle to help people like me better understand modern art.

  • In the late 70's, a man named Keith Haring drew graffiti in subway stations and had sort of a unique design.

  • Whenever he started to draw graffiti, he never thought about what the finished product was going to be.

  • He just drew whatever he felt like.

  • He ended up making thousands of them.

  • And people started to notice his unique characters.

  • Soon, he got more and more famous and popular.

  • Now he's at the point where you can buy T-Shirts and mugs of his drawings.

  • And I think that's really cool.

  • They're interesting designs and I would wear them.

  • Do they belong in a museum?

  • No.

  • Keith made thousand of these small, simple drawings.

  • They're still art,

  • but not art people should pay to see.

  • They should pay to wear and drink out of it.

  • And by the way, this stuff is in no way research, so I'm talking completely out of my butt right now.

  • But I think Picasso, and this circle painting, should be on T-shirts or kid's books or even web comics.

  • So people would say; "Hey, I like your shirt."

  • "Thanks, I like the design and would never frame it and hang it up on my wall."

So I feel a bit obligated to talk about France.

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