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  • What's up, guys? Hope you're doing well.

  • So, today I'm going to be talking about who Jeremy Lin is.

  • Now for those of you who don't know, Jeremy Lin is a 6’3 guard that plays on the New

  • York Knicks in the NBA. He's not a black man named Jerry Lin who plays

  • on the New York Giants. For more on the story, let's send it over

  • to our reporter on the scene. First, there was planking.

  • Then, Tebowing. Now, Shao-Lining.

  • But who exactly is Jeremy Lin, and where did he come from?

  • The Magruder report investigates the man behind Lin-sanity.

  • Jeremy Lin Lin-tered the world August 23rd, 1988, in Los Angeles, Ca-Lin-fornia.

  • It is here when the Linderella story begins. Growing up, Jeremy Shu-How Lin was not your

  • typical teenager. With his Lintelligence, Lintegrity and Lin-nate

  • ability, by age thirteen he had already solved the Kobe system.

  • A strong Christian, after converting from Linduism, Lin is a product of a Lin-terracial

  • marriage. We caught up with his brother Da'Quann Lin,

  • who had a lot to say about the Asian Linsation. I'm not going to lie, sometimes he would make

  • me a little bit Linsane, you know what I'm saying?

  • I don't want to eat Linguini every day! You know honestly dog, both my parents were

  • black. We just never told him he was adopted.

  • Yeah, growing up, we played super Lintendo, Lintendo 64.

  • We always watched you know, Linnie the Pooh, he loved Toy Story, Teenage Mutant Linja Turtles,

  • To Linfinity and Beyond. He liked Lin'Sync.

  • I personally preferred the Backstreet Boys myself.

  • Growing up he was small, he was tiny. I'm talking he got the Linfluenza

  • "You are my fire." For some reason, he always liked the New EngLin

  • Patriots. Lindiana Jones, it was crazy, he used to walk

  • around butt-naked in the house sometimes. I'm like Lin, put your clothes on!

  • Because girls didn't want to be his Va-Lin-Tine, you know.

  • It was crazy! Back then they didn't wanted him.

  • Now he's hot. They're all on Lin.

  • My last name is Lin too. We have a very Lintimate relationship. Very

  • Lintimate, ok? We talk almost every day. Pretty sure he doesn't know he's not black.

  • Every day I'm shuffle-Lin! Let's look at the facts:

  • He likes watermeLin, he plays in the NBA, and he's about to go on a date with Kim Kardashian.

  • How can you get more blacker than that? All he does is Lin, Linsational, baby!

  • That's my brother shout out...J-Lin, call me when you get home. Woot woo!

  • He thinks he's the smart one in the familyjust because you know he went to Harvard.

  • People don't know that he went to the Linstitute of Technology before that, though.

  • We contacted the head Shao-Lin at the Linstitute of Technology.

  • However, he did not seem very Lintelligent. His power - over 9000!

  • What are you talking about? Lining, Duhh!

  • It is clear to see that Lin, lose, or draw Jeremy Lin is here to stay.

  • We tried contacting Jeremy Lin for this story, but he was unLinterested.

  • For No jugamos juegos,

  • Throw me the alley!

What's up, guys? Hope you're doing well.

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