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Hey, how's it going? Dave 2D here. In front of me are two laptops from Chinese companies and these are devices that I've had for a
while but I've never...I've never been comfortable making videos and openly recommending them because of one big issue:
It's the customer service.
Like, if anything breaks or if anything Huawei or Xiaomi,
that process to get it repaired or replaced or re-anything is very difficult.
I've experienced it firsthand. I've seen it happen to my friends and it's just like,
when it comes to recommending products to my audience,
I want to make sure that if something goes wrong it can for the most part be resolved.
But the reason why I'm making this video today is because both of these devices are now
available in North America from North American outlets.
So the huawei mate Pro X's device that you can get from Amazon. It goes for 1,200 bucks
I think and the Xiaomi me at notebook 13. These names are amazing
but the Shamy laptop 13-inch one is available from Newegg for
900 I believe but there's like a special offer or we can get like a discount or something like that
but Newegg 900 for this one Amazon 1200 for this one, so
both of these have the
MX 150 graphics card and a 8th gen 4 core CPU the i5 and they're both very similar in performance
But there are some important differences between them which would explain why the Xiaomi is like $300 cheaper than the Huawei
So I'm going to talk about this one first the $1200 mate book Pro X
It has the best build quality other - it's really really well built
It's clearly modeled after Apple hardware
But maybe also some Asus Zenbook hardware great finish very nice machining with no sharp edges around the device
It has a fantastic display. It's really bright. It's big. It's got respectable color gamut thin bezel
It's really the main attraction of the mate book. The battery life is also pretty good
It's a 57 watt hour battery. And there's also nice features like inside you get the fingerprint sensor on the power button
It's actually a really nice location
And you also have a great keyboard layout it's comfortable to type on very similar in feel to the 2015 or earlier Mac books
It's a great keyboard. Now. There are some negatives the speaker's there
I mean they sound good up to a certain volume like the mummy like
5060 percent this whole thing starts to vibrate and buzz, which I don't think it's like a unit like
I don't think it's my unit. I've experienced this on other devices
I don't know why I've even built it like this like you just capped that volume at 50 percent or

Somehow fix the internals because that vibration can get a little bit annoying the pop-up webcam is really cool
But it shoots from a terrible angle. It's actually one of the worst I've seen. I also don't love the trackpad
it uses winders precision drivers
but the tracking isn't perfect and
sometimes it doesn't detect the gestures which is a little bit annoying but overall the mate Book Pro X is a really solid device for
The money, okay moving on to this device the xiaomi air 13 laptop or the me notebook 13
Depending on where purchase it from the best feature about this device is the price tag
I know it's weird to call price a feature
But this is one of the best values you can get for the MX 158th. Gen CPU 13 inch laptop
It's just really well priced. The build quality is good. It's not as well built as a highway
The finish isn't as well done and there are some sharper edges on the bottom panel, but it's still good

like the fact that the top panel has no branding a lot of devices out there including the Huawei have a logo and sometimes the
Company name this is just a naked panel and I like that it's simple and it looks clean. The screen is also nice
It's not as bright or as big as the Huawei device
But it's still a very respectable 13.3 inch screen. The touch pad is also good
It's using winners precision drivers again
But for whatever reason I'm getting better tracking and better gesture detection on this device than I am with this device a few things
I don't like about this thing though start off right in the other trackpad
It's the fingerprint sensor right at the top of that thing. It just gets in the way
I don't feel like it's a good position like sometimes you'll touch it while you're using the trackpad and the keyboard is
Okay, like it's a good layout but the keys are a little bit softer on the stroke than I'd like
I think the typing experience is better on the may book than it is on the Xiaomi product other things
I don't like the speakers
They're pretty weak and under really heavy loads it can throttle not a ton certainly not regularly most usage
You'd never notice it but if you're running some CPU intensive stuff for extended periods of time
Then yeah this unit can throttle so that's basically it
Both of these units are available in North American retailers. Now, I wouldn't consider one or the other to be like the obvious choice
They're quite different in price and obviously quite different in product. Like this is a very premium version
This is a less premium version, but it's significantly cheaper
now one thing to keep in mind if you're interested in purchasing these devices understand that if you purchase from a North American
outlet like Newegg or Amazon
The pricing is a little bit more expensive than it was if you'd purchase this thing directly from China you get the peace of mind
And all the customers support and service that comes from purchasing here
But if you want the absolute best value like the cheapest price possible
I'd still purchase it in Asia just be prepared to not have any service should anything go wrong. Ok?
Hope you guys enjoy this video thumbs up if you liked it,subs if you loved it. See you guys next time
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Chinese Laptops Worth Buying

71 Folder Collection
Jingjiang Li published on January 28, 2019
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