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(western music)
(horse neighing)
- You bastard shot my cousin.
- Well he started it.
- I'm going to break your neck.
- [Luke] Red Dead Redemption two is a sprawling
western tale of loyalty, conviction,
and the price of infamy, all set in Rockstar's
most authentic and lived in open world ever.
- Timber!
- [Luke] There are so many things to do,
so many people to meet, so many places to explore.
Red dead redemption two isn't just
Rockstar's greatest achievement to date.
Its a game so lacking in compromise
its tough to know where its best to start discussing it.
(western music)
So lets start at the beginning,
its 1899 and american outlaws are an endangered species.
Dutch Van Der Linde and his gang
are on the run after a botched heist
in the growing town of blackwater and they've
retreated high into the mountains where an
atrocious blizzard is covering there escape.
We slip into the spurs of Arthur Morgan
an exceedingly cool and capable outlaw.
And settle in for a roughly 60 hour story.
Its a self contained and linear
introduction but its a clever one.
It heightened the impact of having the full
map opened up to me a few hours later.
Being set loose in the true opened world
after toughing it out in this
intentionally impressive environment
really underscores the incredible
feeling of freedom the format offers.
(western music)
And what a world it is, more beautiful,
broader and more varied than the one we explored
in 2010s Red Dead Redemption by a massive margin.
There are snowy peaks and tank aligator infested swaps.
Thick forests and open plateau's,
quaint homesteads and grand plantations.
Narrow streams and great lakes,
dusty gulches and dim caves.
There's the muddy livestock town of Valentine
with its wooden buildings and rusty charm.
And then there's the imposing city of Saint Denis.
A grimy, growing metropolis full
of modern extravagances like electric trams,
paved roads and Chinese restaurants.
The vast assortment of ecosystems
and environments seamlessly stitch together here
is nothing short of remarkable.
The ability of this game to keep it
so fresh after so many hours is extraordinary
and not entirely due to just the
size and diversity of the world.
Its how alive all those places feel.
(dog growling)
The country side of Red Dead Redemption two
is absolutely brimming with wild life to discover,
(gunshot) (screaming)
people to interact with and potentially help
- Both of you get your hands up!
- [Luke] And places to scrutinize.
The more laid back pace of Red Dead Redemption 2
compared to something like the
slightly more break neck GTA five
is also a big part of how it encouraged me
to slow down and drink in all the world has to offer.
- We get a couple of beers please?
- [Luke] Bodies have to be manually looted.
Single action pistols have to be cocked before firing.
Coffee needs to be brewed before drinking it.
I suspect some folk might regard this
sort of stuff is chore like but I really dig it.
There's something methodical about it
that really helps ground Arthur in the world
rather than have him feel like he's gliding through it.
I love the deliberate mechanical process of
cycling a new cartridge with lever action rifle
virus that can pull the fire button.
You can even pause the dramatic effect halfway through.
(horse neighing) (gunshot)
Rockstar's designers didn't need to factor that in
but I think they understood that the tiny almost
trivial instances of settle control like this
subconsciously seep me into the world of Arthur even more.
(screams) (gun shots)
- What are you doing!
(western music)
the main story mission themselves
are a cocktail of high stakes heists.
- To goddamn slow!
- [Luke] Deadly shoot outs.
desperate rescues and thrilling chases.
Mixed with a lengthy list of other tasks,
many of those function with organic ways
to teach us about new side hustles and
other activities that can be undertaken
from selling stolen horses to playing poker.
- Shit.
- [Luke] Or fishing.
- Good to meet you.
- [Luke] It all feels great to play
similar in a lot of ways to its immediate
predecessor but injected with a pile of new animations
and multiple layers of vigor activity.
- You son of a! (gunshot)
- [Luke] Shootouts are supremely cinematic
thanks to plenty of gun smoke and the same style
of on the fly ever changing death animations
that have characterized Rockstar games since GTA four.
(gunshot) (thump)
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a undeniably
pretty game across the board.
The lighting is fantastic, the facial animation
is a noticeable step up from GTA five
and the level of gradual detail is almost absurd.
From the way blood smears on Arthur's shoulder
after carrying a kill, to the way individual
strands of his majestic Muttonchops quiver in the breeze.
Remember this is a game where horse testicles
shrink when the weather is cold.
- The hell are you doing.
- [Luke] Equally impressive is the audio
from the satisfying metallic crunch of a reload.
(gun cocks) (gun shots)
to the twang of a Hollywood inspired ricochet.
Bullets fired on mountains tops ring with cracking echoes.
completely different to the sound of bullets fired indoors.
A game little seems to be have missed
and the music absolutely outstanding.
(western music)
Red Dead Redemption two is Rockstar's most serious
and earnest story to date and certainly the best written.
- Only the feeblest of men take jobs in the government.
watching Dutch's gradual decent from being
the charismatic successful and clever leader
of a gang of deadly outlaws to someone
on track to become the coldblooded and
beaten man being hunted down by Marston
12 years later is captivating.
We get to watch an incredibly nuance performance
as Dutch's confidence ebbs and his restraint fades.
- Them goddamn cowards, Arthur cowards.
excellent to his main man Arthur.
Not only is there an infectious authenticity
to his low and smooth tone of voice
- Thank you - This is a very good tank.
But when Arthur himself is a far
wearier man by the stories climax.
His delivery is doubly potent.
- I don't know what your saying dutch
but it seems like I heard it all before.
- [Luke] Combined with strong writing and direction,
the result is a game that's sincere instead
of satirical and funny while remaining
capable of some supremely well earned emotional moments.
especially throughout the truly
excellent crescendo and epilogue.
And even after completing the epilogue
I still have a stack of strangers that need helping,
gangs that need killing
and fish that need catching.
There are 30 different types of in this game about cowboys.
I've caught four.
- Wow
(western music)
Red Dead Redemption two stands shoulder to
shoulder with Grand Theft Auto five
as one of the greatest games of modern times.
Its a gorgeous depiction of an ugly age
that's patient, polished and a huge amount of fun to play.
and its combined with Rockstar's best story telling
to date even after finishing the lengthy story
I can't wait to go back and play more.
This is a game of rare quality.
a meticulously polished open world
owed to the outlawed era.
Looking for one of this generations very
best single player action experiences.
Heres your huckleberry.
For plenty more on Red Dead Redemption two
check out the first minute and our graphics comparison.
( calm western music)
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

400 Folder Collection
Jingjiang Li published on January 27, 2019
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