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Suni Williams: Here we are at the throne.
This is awesome.
You might see the little --
You might have noticed the little moon on the outside.
This is our orbital outhouse right here.
And, of course, it serves for two functions --
number two, right here.
I'll show you.
But you see it's pretty small,
so you have to have pretty good aim
and be ready to make sure
things get let go the right direction.
And it smells a little bit, so I'm closing it up.
And that's, of course, for number two.
And this guy right here is for number one.
So, they're sort of two slightly separate functions,
but you can do a little -- essentially both
by hanging on right here and doing number one and number two.
I might add it's color-coded
so you really don't get it mixed up, which is nice.
This is yellow. It's for number one.
[ Chuckles ]
And also, there's a selection of paper.
People always ask about toilet paper.
"What do you do with toilet paper?
What kind of toilet paper do you have?"
We have gloves just because sometimes it does get messy.
We have some Russian wipes, which are a little bit coarse,
if you like the coarse type of toilet paper.
We have some nice tissues, which are nice and soft,
if you like soft toilet paper.
We have Huggies just for any cleanup.
You know, we were all babies once, and this sort of helps.
And then, if things get really out of control,
we have disinfectant wipes just to make sure we clean up here,
'cause, you know, just like the water I showed you,
the number-one stuff can sort of go all over the place
if you don't aim correctly.
And, did I mention, both of these have
a little bit of suction,
so they should keep things going in the right direction.
But, like I said,
sometimes things get a little out of control
if you are out of control yourself, flying around.
So we have lots of protective stuff.
And, of course, you do have your privacy.
There's a little door.
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Space Potty

383 Folder Collection
Sophia Chen published on January 26, 2019
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