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Before we start, just wanna say stay tuned
for info on my 100k giveaway later on in this

Now, if you'd like to see how my workspace
is integrated with the rest of my room, you

can check out my recent room tour.
Today's video is a follow-on from that to
show you a more in-depth look at my desk along

with 5 tips to create a productive and inspirational
and peaceful space for yourself.

So we'll start with the desk itself and
my very first tip.

My desk stays relatively clear, with most
of the clutter out of view.

Ideally it's great to have a workspace that
looks out of a window or even out at the room

rather than facing a wall, because it encourages
a feeling of space, perfect for opening your

mind to any ideas that might be stifled in
your head.

If that's not do-able, it's always nice
to at least have a pretty wall to look at.

The main thing is to keep your line of sight
clear of too much clutter.

Which is why my first key to keeping an organised
space is to be ruthless with what you need

and what you don't.
It's a lot easier to organise without surplus
things to find places for.

Have a clear-out and keep only the things
that have value to you.

Tip two, with the things you've kept, it's
time to ask yourself if you should PUT IT

This one's all about personal preference.
Along my tabletop are just a few things that
give my workspace a bit of character, and

also can serve a purpose, whether that be
reference or inspiration.

And some things are just too cute or too sentimental
to hide away.

Be honest with yourself about what you want
around, what decor items are getting a bit

stagnant and what can go in a box in the loft
until you miss it.

And remember, not everyone has to adhere to
the minimalist look, or whatever else looks

great on instagram, if you find you flourish
amongst your trinkets and a creative playground

of organised chaos, then embrace the scrap
papers and paint splatters and do you.

You'll have noticed we've moved on now
to the shelves that flank either side of my

That's major key number three.
are your friends.
A shelving unit can come as cheap as this
one from ikea, or you can come up with your

own solutions.
These shoe racks stacked on top of each other
work great, this bathroom unit cut in two

makes a great few surfaces for storage and
the additional benefit of table-top support.

Planks of wood on the street, left over floorboards
can all come in handy too.

You can never have too many shelves.
Try a few configurations for stacking and
organising books or papers, you can try to

keep them all level for that extra polished

That's one way to have your shelves looking
easy on the eye, rather than a cluttered mess,

but the easiest solution is;
All it takes are a few boxes to take your
shelving from chaos to calm.

This is another situation where you can use
whatever you have to hand.

I keep smaller containers within larger boxes
to separate things into easily accessible

Which leads to the next tip;
one of the keys to keeping a neat space is
to make sure everything has a place.

And you're much more likely to put things
away if that place is easy to reach.

My most commonly used items are always within
reach without having to even get up from my

That way, they're just as easy to pop back
where they belong when I'm done with them,

meaning there's never an excuse to leave
things lying around.

And for one final bonus tip, you'd be surprised
what a difference a good chair can make.

You can get them surprisingly cheap from places
like amazon, like I did with this one, and

give an extra bit of luxury with a nice throw
or blanket.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at my workspace.
Now for the fun stuff!
To say thank you for 100,000 subscribers I'll
be hosting my first ever giveaway.

I'll be sending one lucky person several
prints from my shop, as well as one original

painting which was never available for sale,
this was the piece I made while I was working

on a video with Strathmore, it meant a lot
to be able to work with a company I already

loved so much, and it's you guys that made
that happen so it feels right to finally give

that back.
I'm also throwing in some of my favourite
art supplies; the only set of pens you'll

ever need, a set of Windsor and Newton gouache
paints, a Moleskine sketchbook, these amazing

water brush pens that come in a great variety
of sizes, the Zig brush pen I always use,

plus a couple of quite exciting surprises!
Since I only really want to do it to say thanks
for everything, all you have to do is be subscribed

to this channel, which I assume you already
are, and comment below, say whatever you want.

And that's literally it.
For a bonus entry, you can also follow me
on instagram.

My instagram will be linked in the description
of this video.

But as I said, if you don't have instagram
it's fine, you're already entered as long

as you comment below.
Just check the video description for all the

Entries close on the 18th of April, I'll
email the winner who will be chosen at random

and also announce it in a video.
Good luck guys, can't wait to make someone's

I've literally never won anything in my
life so I feel like this is as close to the

excitement as I'm gonna get.
Thank you all for watching and I'll see
you next time.

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Room & Desk Tour

174 Folder Collection
向明 published on January 26, 2019
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