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Hi guys, this is Wengie here
welcome back to my channel
and as you guys know, I just came back from Tokyo
Where I got to meet Michelle Phan and a bunch of other beauty creators for Beauty Bound Asia
and I had “so much fun”
I vlogged my whole journey in this vlog. Have a look,
Tokyo is such a beautiful city, I miss it so much, the food, the shopping,
it's amazing I wanna go back!
And while I was over there I noticed that there was this awesome makeup trend going on in Japan
that everyone was wearing around the Shibuya area, and I found out that this trend was called 'Igari' makeup.
Hangover makeup, it's supposed to mimic what you look like when you had a little bit to drink,
and you got like a bit of flush on your cheeks,
and I want to compare that make up trend to what is trending in the western world right now
which is what you see on Kylie Jenner, and that is makeup look that is super popular in Instagram.
I love exploring these culture differences in makeup, it is my life, I am obsessed.
And if you guys haven't joined my family already, I welcome you with open arms,
and I make two videos a week on Thursdays and Saturdays
and if you guys want an in-deep Igari makeup tutorial, please just give me a thumbs up to let me know,
because in this video we'll be checking out the differences, so let's go and take a look.
Let's begin with circle lenses,
they are so popular in japan because they make you eyes look larger and brighter.
I am going to start off with a primer that helps create a poreless base,
it also has sunscreen. The japanese primer that goes on pretty smoothly,
and has a slightly tacky moisturized finish.
The Benefit Professional primer is a popular choice and also covers pores,
the finish here is however very very slippery and dryer and very very smooth to touch.
This BB cream was ranked as one of the most popular creams in Japan,
and it gives you a slightly dewy finish.
The tone of the BB cream gives you brightenin g skin tone and
glow which is really popular in Japan. Full coverage foundation has a matte finish
and has a slightly yellowish undertone,
this particular shade is popular, because it gives you a slightly tanned look
and this beige shade also matches better with the bronzer colors
and contour colors that are really popular at the moment.
In this look the concealer is used to cover any imperfections, such as dark eye circles,
the discoloration around the nose and the mouth and blend it in.
In American makeup the concealer is used as a highlighter,
too often concealer is in a shade that is paler than your foundation
and is applied in a triangle underneath the eyes
and along the top of you cheek bones and also along the mid draw line to mimic high cheek bones,
it can also be used to cover imperfections.
For Igari makeup a natural soft brow is preferred,
so I am using a powder, also straightening a bit for a more youthful image,
next I'm lightening the brows with this brow mascara
which is extremely popular in Japan for girls who had the hair dye.
The japanese formulas are quite pigmented,
so if you have dark brows and have trouble lightening them,
you have to get into these Japanese brown products, they're really really good.
For American makeup the bold eyebrow is in,
so I'm going to be emphasizing my arch with a eyebrow pencil,
gel can also be used to keep your hairs in place after,
for the gel formulation just add the slightly tinted all cleared just to keep you brow in place,
as opposed to the highly pigmented formulas, the key to this brow is really clean and sharp lines,
so often concealer is used to really clean up the edges and present a very clear browline.
Igari eye shadow is often very very simple,
the shade most popular is the soft peach shade that mimics naturally flush lids.
On the american look, nude and neutral brown shades are used and generally matte shades are very popular.
The goal is contour look with neutral colors, and I have tutorials similar to this,
such as my everyday makeup look, so you can check that out.
For a natural look use a dark brown instead of a black eyeliner,
and just tightline you don't actually need to apply eyeliner on top of your lids
but I'm just wing it out slightly following the natural curve,
because I just love extending my eyes, is just my thing.
The wing liner is pretty much the go to liner style at the moment,
it really lifts up your eyes and is super sexy, is up to you how far you want to wing it,
I have a winged liner tutorial for hooded eyes if you want to find out how to do this,
if you have hooded lids like me.
The point is really to create a natural looking lashes.
Glam lashes have also been made super popular by Kylie Jenner
Igari makeup skin element is blush placement
and it is supposed to mimic flush after you had a couple of beers bits of alcohol
or even kind of like a very youthful baby's flush.
Also it blends away to your nose bridge as well.
Contouring is pretty much the must have,
you just want a really really chiseled face,
contouring the nose to match you chiseled features is super important,
finish off with a beige color blush blending from your apples to you temples.
igari soft makeup look also calls for super soft looking lips,
and is just for dewy and moisturized glossing lips.
Overlined and matte lips, are incredibly in right now,
hiding you cupids bow by overlining them is also a popular lip shade right now, I see it a lot.
Clean lines are a must for this look, so you use the concealer to clean up the edges.
I am super curious to know what you favorite makeup style is,
actually I want to know if there are any Igari makeup lovers,
because I think it is a very particular style, I find it like so super cute though.
Don't forget if you want the full tutorial to give this video a thumbs up
and my next video is actually a Japanese haul
where I'm gonna show you all the goodies and makeup that I bought in Japan,
I bought way too much makeup,
has been requesting this nonstop in all my other videos, so it is coming to you next! I promise,
so in a few days I'll see you guys right back here and until then, I love you guys! bye
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Japanese Makeup vs. American Makeup Before & After Transformation Kawaii or Sexy? Wengie

238 Folder Collection
曾依晴 published on January 24, 2019
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