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now South Korean researchers have
developed a surgical robot that recently

succeeded in conducting endoscopic
surgery on a live Pig once the robot is

fully developed and commercialized it's
expected to make surgical procedures

that much easier but also cheaper as
well Jurong min with the details

researchers at the Korea advanced
Institute of Science and Technology have

announced that their recently developed
surgical robot has successfully

conducted endoscopic surgery on a live
animal the robot dubbed ke flex is a

snake-like flexible machine that can be
inserted into the patient's body through

natural openings or through incisions
that way it can carry out different

kinds of surgery and observe organ
conditions without physically opening or

cutting up the flesh the researchers
said K flex removed the gallbladder of a

live pig in a preclinical trial in July
that's when they realized their product

could be a practical solution to
bacterial infection excessive blood loss

and complications which can affect
patients when they get surgical

treatment the traditional way the head
of K flex is equipped with several

microscopic arms which are remotely
controlled by surgeons our product is

far more advanced and existing
endoscopic kids it can not only diagnose

a condition but can also conduct complex
surgical procedures like cutting out

cancers tissue or tumors right on the
spot the researchers say the development

of K flex is significant since it uses
domestically made parts and software

they also add that once the robot is
fully developed and commercialized it

will simplify surgery and make it easier
to perform which could reduce the cost

of treatment total mean a young news
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New surgical robot suceeds at conducting endoscopic surgery on live animal

136 Folder Collection
roofthinker published on January 22, 2019
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