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hello good evening and welcome to the
next in our two-part series examining
diplomacy in total war Three Kingdoms
three kingdoms marks the most extensive
rewrite of total wars diplomacy system
to date and in the last video we covered
haggling saber-rattling and more today
we'll be dealing with the different
forms of alliance and how they can help
you to broker major blocks of power
across the campaign map there are now
two key forms of alliance coalition's
and military alliances each offers
different levels of choice commitment
and control and they also share some
important features both forms can have
multiple members enabling you to build
large power blocks for mutual benefit
and simply by being in a coalition or
alliance with other warlords your
diplomatic standing with the other
members increases coalition's and
military alliances also benefit the
mobility of your armies here we're in
the early phases of a campaign playing
as yuan shao who's currently besieging a
town owned by the Han Empire as he's in
enemy territory we can see he's getting
a major negative to his armies military
supply as each turn meanwhile his eldest
son neurontin is holding the front at
home and instead gathering supplies each
turn coalition's and military alliances
give you new trucks of friendly
territory in which to wrest replenish
and resupply before striking out into
enemy lands once more so let's break
down the two forms of Alliance a
coalition is a looser lower commitment
sort of arrangement than a military
alliance forming a coalition is
relatively easy as long as you have a
neutral or better diplomatic standing
with the other party being at war with a
mutual enemy is also a definite bonus of
course let's see if we can get a
coalition signed with Liu Bei he names
his price which we can run afford and
yes the pact is signed now if we arrange
the diplomatic faction list by group we
can see we're now part of the newly
formed thundering
sky coalition once a coalition is signed
any member can invite another warlord to
join but like many major actions that a
warlord wishes to perform in a coalition
the consent of all parties is required
so if we go on to invite a new warlord
to the coalition for example the action
will be voted on by the other members
and the majority rules so if we propose
inviting cells out to the coalition for
example we can see Liu Bei looks well
upon this diplomatic standing plays a
strong role in voting of course so the
higher your standing with other members
the more likely it'll be that they'll
vote in favor of any coalition action
you declare now that we're in a
coalition we gain visibility over our
fellow members lands where our armies
can of course now resupply on their
travels in addition you can only switch
characters in their retinues out of
armies in friendly territory and allied
territory counts as this being in a
coalition also means you're
strengthening ties with increasingly
friendly factions that might join you in
your Wars but that is not a given this
early in the game for example with
relatively small holdings and Wars of
their own to contend with our coalition
Powell's may not be so inclined to join
in as a loose arrangement there's no
formal obligation for coalition members
to join each other's wars so as we
declare war on you and Shu we see
there's no vote required we can then of
course go cap in hand to our coalition
members afterwards and seek their
individual support in such a war but
their military support will still need
some negotiation especially if a
coalition member is friendly towards the
warlord you've just declared war on in
short you can merrily engage in private
Wars without involving the entire
coalition's are easy to arrange and easy
to leave to but the benefits to
maintaining a coalition are clear not
least that the longer you're in a
coalition the better your diplomatic
standing the certain functions becomes
if a faction joins and it turns out to
be a thorn in your side you can call a
vote to kick them out enabling you to
manage membership provided the other
members agree jumping into a later safe
now let's take a look at military
alliances now these are a higher
commitment form of Alliance and all odds
will need to be at the faction ranked
8th Marquess to sign one though this is
not required to join an existing
Alliance you can also transition a
coalition into a military alliance on
the strength of a vote and again the
warlord who proposes this must be a
Marquess or better yan showers current
coalition sees them in league with
rubião and his vessels plus Wang Kwang
and sow sow sow sow and liubao are all
for it Bart Wang Quan isn't meaning
three in favor and one against so one
Quang leaves the party and we form a
military alliance with Telcel and Lu Bo
the key differences between coalition's
and military alliances revolve around
the notion of shared defense as soon as
a military alliance is signed you become
part of a defensive pact if war is
declared against a member of an alliance
that member may choose to fight the
aggressor in the private war or call
their allies to arms all members of the
Alliance are duty-bound to uphold this
and will then enter the war you can also
declare an alliance war against a third
party which of course goes to an
immediate vote with the members if the
majority vote YES the Alliance will go
to war with the target faction there are
only two ways to resolve an alliance war
either you leave the alliance and sign
peace with the opposing belligerents on
your own terms
all the Alliance votes as a group and
once again a majority vote is needed on
both sides to bring peace any minorities
opposing peace will leave the Alliance
and continue in private wars against the
original targets neither coalition's or
alliances stop you from engaging in
private Wars of course you can still
declare war or sign peace with other
individual factions at your leisure
now all of this adds up to a system
where over the course of a campaign
you'll see coalition's form over time as
different warlords goals and situations
align the AI understands the value of
such arrangements and will engage in
them frequently some coalition's will be
fleeting and will fall apart as goals
diverge some will endure to become
distinct power blocks and some will
solidify into powerful military
alliances that the world begins to
revolve around indeed wars between
significant long-term alliances become
more common as the campaign reaches its
later stages
another classic diplomacy feature also
makes its return in Three Kingdoms and
that's region trading alongside food
money and Salieri's and numerous other
diplomatic treaties territory can now be
used as a bargaining tool in diplomacy
and it's about the most valuable
commodity going it's a useful way of
garnering major value to strike big
deals especially later in the campaign
where you may have a surfeit of
territory if we approached sow sow and
click the trade territory option all our
owned regions are shown listed by
commandery with their constituent
regions detailed below you can only
trade away regions which are adjacent to
the territory of the warlord you're
dealing with so if we were to offer
territory to sow sow we can see that
only yuen tsuen commandery is tradable
as it's the only one next to his land as
you can see productive farmland is very
desirable so we can demand a lot in
return in this case let's try for food
per turn for ten turns and a regular
payment of 500 gold per turn but a
big-ticket item like attractive farmland
can be useful in deals where the
warlords asking price may be high in
aggregate these many changes to
diplomacy enable you to achieve more
than ever before with a host of new
big-ticket assets to trade and with the
ability to forge mighty alliances
between powerful warlords the campaign
power-play in total war three kingdoms
is it once more subtle more complex and
more far-reaching than ever before thank
you for watching and stay tuned for more
three kingdoms gameplay coming very soon
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Total War THREE KINGDOMS Diplomacy Gameplay Reveal Part 2

549 Folder Collection
Archaon Chen published on January 19, 2019
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