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Wonder Woman is currently fighting her way through various silver screens and we can't
seem to get enough of her.
Luckily it won't be long until she returns, since justice league will be released this
year as well!
But what about ?Wonder Woman 2??
We will now tell you, what we already know and what we wish to see in the sequel!
Therefore we would like to issue a spoiler warning!
What we know!
As of now there are two things that we know for sure: Gal Gadot will reprise the role
of Wonder Woman in the sequel which is set to take place in the United States.
In addition to that Patty Jenkins is set to return to direct the second film.
Gal Gadots amazon mother Connie Nielsen and warrior Robin Wright will join in the Justice
League cast.
We assume that we will get to see both of them reprising their respective roles in Wonder
Woman 2.
When will ?Wonder Woman 2? take place?
That is probably one of the most interesting questions.
It has been confirmed that the film will take place in America but not at what point in
That alone offers a lot of opportunities.
Possibiliy number one would have the film follow the events of both ?Wonder Woman? and
?Justice League?.
That would mean that by then Wonder Womans' timeline would have caught up with the present.
Which is why we would prefer a second possibility: ?Wonder Woman 2? should take place during
It was during that time period that the comic book wonder woman started to fight evil and
even the lynda carter show took place during that time.
Thus one could continue to explore Wonder Womans past.
The ?Justice League?
films could therefore showcase the present adventures, while the wonder woman features
would continue to show the exciting past of Diana Prince.
It would also be possible to combine the two timelines.
What do you think?
Would you rather see more past adventures or films that take place in the present?
Let us know in the comment section below!
What we want to see!
Back to Themyscira!
The world of the amazons was alreay exciting in the first film... and Diana will probably
suffer from home sickness.Her home world of themyscira should definitley not be completely
As it could offer Diana a tough choice: Will she stay on earth?
Or will she return to Themyscira at some point.
Aside from that other amazons could arrive on earth as well.
That alone could make for an interesting conflict.
What if an amazon decided to destroy our world of men?
What if Diana was forced to go up against one of her sisters?
Themyscira could definitely have a few surprises in store for us!
More Magic and Gods Wonder Woman taught us that Aries killed all
the Gods ? but we also know that no one ever really seems to die in the world of comic
And to completely ban Zeus and all of the other greek gods from the world of Wonder
Woman would truly be a shame.
Not only is Diana the daughter of Zeus himself but especially the ?New 52? comic books expanded
the roles of the gods drastically.
So maybe we will get to see one or several gods in the future!
As the justice league dark promises to introduce magic into the DCEU gods could also come to
Even if their appearances would be restriced to flashbacks only.
What do you think of that idea?
Let us know in the comment section below!
A compelling villain ?Wonder Woman?
left the fate of the villanous Doctor Poison a mistery.
Should the sequel take place during the 30's or 40's Doctor Poison could definitely return
to fight Wonder Woman once more.
If DC chooses to leave Poison out of the sequel there are still plenty of villains to choose
from, that exist in comic book lore.
First up on our list is Circe a mighty and century old magician,who is one of wonder
womans biggest enemies...
But since this magician is that powerful it may take the entire justice league to defeat
Fans are also hoping for Cheeta, who caused Wonder Woman trouble since ever since her
comic book beginnings.
Another interesting villain would be Giganta who is able to grow in size and and already
attempted to swap bodies with Wonder Woman in the past.
Diana also faced bizarre villains like Egg Fu, Medusa, the olympic gods and Dr Psycho.
No matter who DC chooses we want it to be a worthy villain!
Who do you wanna see as the main antagonist?
Let us know in the comment section below!
The Invisible Jet Okay, okay this may sound silly but we would
like to see the invisible jet in the sequel ? poor choice of words; we want to not see
it since it is invisible.
The old tv show made it look fun and it would be cool to see Wonder Woman finally cruising
around in her signature vehicle.
Tie-ins to th DCEU Should Wonder Woman take place in present
day, we would like to see guest appearances.
Individual members of the Justice League should pop up.
And we especially would like to see Batman.
His inclusion could lead to the first on screen super hero couple; after all the two of them
are constantly flirting with one another in the comic books, much to the dismay of Superman.
Would you like to see Batsy and Wonder Woman together?
Let us know in the comment section below!
It is not sure when Wonder Woman 2 will hit the theatres.
It seems certain though that she will blow us away once more with the sequel!
How did you like Wonder Woman?
Are you looking forward to the sequel?
And if so who would you like to see in it?
Let us know in the comment section below!
And if you'd like to learn more about the Batgirl or Gotham City Sirens film ? then
check out these videos!
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WONDER WOMAN 2 Movie Preview | What we know and what we wish to see in Wonder Woman 1984!

1029 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on January 14, 2019
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