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- [Narrator] This is a Chinese alligator.
Native to eastern China, it is so rare
that there are only 130 left in the wild.
Known as the Yangtze alligator,
it is one of the smallest crocodilians in the world.
Their stocky body is covered in hard scales on the back
and its blunt teeth are perfect
for crushing shelled animals, like clams and snails.
Their menu also includes fish, insects,
birds, and the occasional small mammal.
They stay in subtropical areas with fresh water sources,
like lakes, ponds, marshes, and streams.
Sadly, these habitats are disappearing,
often to make room for agriculture.
This and poaching are the biggest threats
to the survival of the species.
Luckily, they do well in captivity,
as they have been successfully bred
in wildlife refuges and zoos.
This is the Chinese alligator.
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A Pint-Sized Alligator Disappearing From The Wild

439 Folder Collection
許大善 published on January 13, 2019
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