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I'm at Westfield right now, and I think I might have found some drinks at least.
We've got a lot of snacks here as well.
Not bad, not bad. That's a good selection, and more drinks on this one.
Interesting. Look! They've got baby food, in a freaking vending machine.
I'm definitely going to be getting the alphabet biscuits because that's me AF. I'm just arriving at the hospital right now.
And we're looking for something to have for dinner, so hopefully they're gonna have vending machines in here, but I could be wrong.
Also that's a very nice tree. It's not going to be very nutritious this one, but I'm definitely not mad also
There's a lot of things that I've never tried. I'm walking around the hospital looking for freaking vending machines.
I've never felt more awkward filming a video. This is for all of you who say that I have no dedication.
I got all of these last night these are the foods from vending machines, and this was a very difficult task guys.
But I'm excited to try it so let's start with breakfast.
Here, we've got the foods that I managed to find for breakfast from a vending machine, and I'm actually very impressed.
I think breakfast was definitely the easiest one.
I'm gonna start by trying the Organic alphabet biscuits because I am practically a child.
And if there's alphabet anything, I will get it. I went to two hospitals -
one University; two shopping centers.
And I still am not completely fully happy with everything I got but I think this is gonna be like a fun video, so this is breakfast.
This is what the alphabet biscuits look like this actually looks like pretty fun. If I was a kid I'd love this.
They're not bad, but they taste like hospital food, like there's just no flavor in this. They were okay.
But let's just say that we were very glad that I got a lot of different things for breakfast because not my favourite.
So now I'm going to try this sugar waffle with butter. This is a vending machine waffle.
This smells nice.
And it also actually looks like a really good waffle.
Until I dropped it. Because we're only doing vending machine foods for the whole today,
I think we should get on fancy creative in here,
So I'm also going to be using the blueberry Greek style yogurt on top. Ohh
That was a mistake.
Yeah, I think I just ruined the two best foods I had for breakfast. I honestly don't know what I was thinking.
Honestly, not bad. I'll admit it'd probably be better separately but not bad at all.
This is kind of a weird one because I've never had this. On the package it says it's apple and apricot
real fruit snack. This looks so freakin weird; it's freakin black
Do you guys see how weird this is? Like, it's like leather, it's like...
It's a no from me. It doesn't taste anything like fruit - it tastes like like licorice
It tastes like a mixture between a very fruity jam and licorice. It's just not my favourite.
Now, I'm gonna try the yogurt. This is yogurt and oats crunchy clusters. It
even comes with a spoon.
I mean I guess if it's sold at a vending machine, it should come with a spoon.
This is so cool, and I'm gonna start carrying one of these in my pocket every day. This is really fancy package-
Oh my god. No.
Oh. It's like liquid. Do you see how liquid that is??
Oh no, I'm not even being dramatic guys, this is actually like milk consistency. It's nothing like a thick yogurt.
I'm just looking for the chocolate basically.
The flavour of it is actually really good but what my criticism is I wish it had more chocolate in it.
but this is actually really nice.
This is a bonus energy ball.
I basically got this one because one I've never tried it, two because I know there's, like, people watch my videos like
Protein foods and like gym foods and like healthy people, and I thought you'd enjoy that I brought this one.
For something that's advertised as healthy like it literally says high protein and fiber, gluten-free. It's like
I think it's like an healthy snack. It tastes very, very good. Tastes like candy.
As soon as this was distributed by the machine
I noticed that this is actually not, like, packed, like, it wasn't, like, sealed or anything.
It's just like you lose like blueberry muffin on a
plastic bag. Look how shiny that is, like, it looks moist. It looks like a really good muffin.
It's so frickin soft. This generally doesn't look like it came from a freakin vending machine.
Oh my god, I wish I was more hungry, and I'd eat the whole thing because it's super soft. It's got loads of blueberries
There's nothing else that I'd asked from this.
I'm gonna carry on eating this and I'll see you guys for lunch. Even though we had such a big breakfast
I'm actually starving for lunch, so these are the foods that we're gonna be having for lunch. I'm gonna try the laminated first place (inhales)
So weird, I have never seen that before.
It's basically sealed on top. Maybe it's because he comes from a vending machine. Maybe that's why it comes like that.
It's very acidic so I feel like he's might have a lot of vitamin C in it
which is good because I'm sick so I'm grateful about that. We're gonna try the chicken samosa now.
Chicken -- chicken samosas are usually crispy. This one - It's just soft
I love this. I'm trying to show you what the inside looks like - it's got a lot of vegetables, chicken
I'm assuming and it's good. It's really good. I
think we should try the wheat crunchies, its like cheddar (cheese) and onion flavor
There we go they're like little tubes basically. I've been so much body pain from being ill.
These are definitely top three of the best crisps or chips I've ever had in my whole life!
The description of this next one is the best British Scotch egg bar.
British pork sausage meat filled with chopped egg in seasoned in mayonnaise and wrapped in bread crumbs.
I would normally be so down for all these things, but because it comes from a vending machine
I'm a little bit like doubtful, but you know what everything so far has been pretty good
So maybe I'm just being a drama queen, and this is actually gonna be delicious.
This is what it looks like it's basically like a scotch egg except a scotch egg bar.
This is what the inside looks like I feel like this would be really delicious if the outside was very crunchy.
But it's just soggy and a little bit weird. I think I prefer the chicken Samosa, but
It's definitely not bad and no guys, I did not forget that for dessert
We also got a flapjack like a giant flapjack. This doesn't look big on camera, but I promise you, its very very big.
Positives on this one is: even though this comes from a vending machine, it's freaking moist.
It's very very moist so if you like a good moist flapjack - that sounds wrong - you're probably gonna love
this. It is time for afternoon snack and these are the foods that I got for afternoon snack.
I've been sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix all day
And I thought I've not even bothered to actually move and go to the table
You know when you're sick that just getting up like literally hurts your freaking feet. It's really weird.
I'm gonna start by trying the Apple snacks because I think I'm gonna hate this
so I just want to get it out of the way. This is so freaking strange
Eww, that is so weird. There's no way I'm gonna like this.
Maybe it's a flavour, but this is not as bad as it was for breakfast.
Maybe I'm getting used to it like to it, like literally Stockholm Syndrome. These are the sour cream and chive rice krispies cakes.
They do taste kind of healthy, but really really good.
Any last place, the one that I bought for myself because I think I'm gonna love this.
This is the Kit Kat, New York cheesecake flavour.
Oh my God, this is so good. Where have you been my whole life?
Do they have more flavors that I've never heard of? Kit Kat, nobody knows you're making great things!
Sponsor me, please, because this is good! People need to know about this.
I'm gonna carry on watching Riverdale
and I'll see you guys for dinner time which will be in, like, two hours
because I wanna go to bed really early and these are the foods that we're gonna be having for dinner.
I love this drink so much.
It's like, one of the greatest things about the UK is this freaking drink. If you're ever in the UK,
Please try this, it's so good.
Let's give it a try to the sandwich first
It's not the best sandwich I've ever had, but it's definitely not bad. This is an okay sandwich
I mean I'm not asking much from a freaking vending machine, so...
Pretty happy with this. It's basically cheese, mayo, and a lot of onion in it.
So I'm definitely gonna get bad breath from this. There's so much freaking onion in this, but I really like it. It's-- it's alright.
I haven't been had cheese string in sooo long, since I was practically a kid.
You know I used to always eat my cheese strings like this. Did anyone else ever do that?
It tastes better like that. I don't know what kind of science that is but it does taste better. I'm not gonna lie guys
I'm actually not feeling very good right now, so I'm not very hungry, but I really want to finish this video.
But - I'm just thirsty and just not hungry at all.
This is the one that I'm not excited for. I find it sooo weird to eat a sausage roll from a vending machine.
British people are unsubscribing as I eat this. Not gonna lie though, it does look like a very good sausage roll.
It's kind of good. Not trying to upset British people, but I'd tell you if this sucked, but it just doesn't suck.
Mmm. I would definitely eat this again.
I actually find that this one is very, very good. If I wake up during the night, maybe I'll come back to these foods
but I actually can't finish everything right now. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you guys enjoyed it,
Please don't forget to give it a like - only if you liked it.
I know, it was different because I'm filmed in different places in my house
And I also know that I'm not at my best because I'm ill. My voice sounds weird. I'm not as cheerful as usual.
I've got a freakin cold sore on my upper lip that's been hurting the whole time, so I'm sorry guys.
I'm, like, trying to, like, fight this so I can be back to normal very soon.
I promise, it's, like, one or two more days of this and then I'll be back to, like, being healthy.
I hope you had a good time. Definitely
let me know in the comment section more food suggestions for 24 hour videos because you guys got like the best ideas
so thank you to everyone who leaves comments. Don't forget to subscribe and switch my
notifications on. All you have to do is to be watching this on mobile is scroll down,
And then you find a little bell,
and if you tap that Bell,
every time I put up in your video you, like, shall receive a notification on your phone and that means a lot to me so
A huge thank you to everyone who actually does that. I love you guys and I will see you on my next video. Bye bye!
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i only ate VENDING MACHINE FOODS for 24 hours !!!

563 Folder Collection
Cathy ♥ published on January 13, 2019    Cathy ♥ translated    Evangeline reviewed
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