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Many are the things which are not in the New Testament now is available and we are reading many of
the portions. Concerning the Old Testament, many are the things we have to know. But since
we haven't understood them, we need an Old Testament so that... But you mean, you mean,
the Old Testament with footnotes, right? Yeah, Yeah. Do you have a Recovery Version of Old
and New Testament? No we have only the New Testament. That is why we need the one with
the footnotes. At times, we see that the New Testament is translated from the Greek, the
Old from Hebrew. So if you get one without the footnotes, the real test, the real test
you can't get it. Because Ewe translation, though the brothers are faithful to interpret
something, but not to the spiritual significance, do you get what I mean? But we are faithful and we thank the Lord
that the brothers used by the Lord to interpret that. They have done something. But according
to the New Testament economy, some portions in the New Testament (that is the Ewe I mean), they
are not up to the standard. For example, in Revelation chapter 12 verse 11 it says that
"They did not love their soul-life even unto death." But in the Ewe they only said "they
did not love their life unto death." So those are the slight differences. So this is probably
true in the Old Testament too? Yes. So, if you get the Old Testament that is from the
real Hebrew translation and then the New Testament from the real Greek translation with how the
brothers are able to get through, into these many things, we are grateful to the Lord.
So, there isn't anything that we have to use, sorry, waste our time for. Ours is to get into
them. Because the things are there for us. And we appreciate what the Lord has done through
our faithful brothers.
You see, this is the time we have started the third time. When go to the meeting, for morning watch, after exercising our spirit then we start to read.
When first, fomerly, we read two chapters. In every morning. Then we elaborate the salient points.
We will stand and read. Another time some will stand and one will stand and read.
Now in order that we will not be much exhausted, if you are reading it is...yeah. We read paragraph
by paragraph. That is what we have started. You read a paragraph, after which you stop
and another reads a paragraph. After which then another, then another, till the whole
two chapters is covered. We see that it is helping us a lot. Because, as we have been saying,
when we gather with different functions of the Body, the Body is built. So, you may understand
a portion while I don't. And another may also understand a portion. So through contribution
we'll see that we've come to an amicable solution. Then we come to a real picture whereby since we
deliberate over it with the whole church, hardly will someone forget. Hardly will you forget
because it is something which we have all deliberated. And with this, if you get to somebody
who may ask you something about how this takes place or that, you'll be able to at least
explain something little to such a person. So that is it. So we see that is helping us
a great deal. So that is why we are not exhausted. We have the zeal to continue, then read it.
If you complete then we will start. Because it is ever new. The word of God is ever new.
Even today if you read a portion, tomorrow you read it, you have a different light altogether...
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Village Blending Conference in Ghana

142 Folder Collection
Naphtali published on January 13, 2019
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