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But while you're in Amsterdam is legal so you can do it
Oh oulalala
having a good time? yea
He's fast he's fast n
no hands?
Hey, when you stop biking on the road when you were five, you can do whatever you want on the bike now
Amsterdam so famous for its seafood
lobster massive
Prawn from China or something apart from having beautiful scenery Amsterdam is also very famous for its wheat and
Prostitutes, so it seems I'm in Amsterdam today
It will only be fair if I tell you guys on a tour to check out some wheat and
Ladies, this is the famous sign of Amsterdam. Mmm. Oh sorry is the other way I am Stan
Look at the boxes. So you put money in there. You open the box and you take the food in Amsterdam
You can smoke weed legally, but you can't really smoke in this street
You have to find the right place to do it. You have to go to coffee shops in there
You can buy weed and you can smoke weed there. So let's try to find some coffee shop coffee shops are strictly for weed
So if you want actual coffee, you have to go to a cafe
Don't be confused next time if we try to come to my gun I use what you read
So they started brewing Amsterdam and you want some coffee make sure you go to a cafe or you end up getting really hot
Half a coffee shop iced teas
They don't sell you the proper weed, but they sell you the seed so you have to go home and plant them yourself
All these products. It's almost like gardening. All right, let's go. Oh
I've got the coffee shop
It's right there
Coffee shop. Let's go have a look
Just like a bar you go up there and you ask for wheat, I think there's a menu. Let's have a look
It's already wrote for you and you can find these and you can do it yourself
You're under 18 you can buy guys, this is the pre-roll joint
5.5 euro with tobacco in there. There's a nice little
Flask, isn't it? Don't show if I can take it back to on colors of souvenir?
Cuz I don't do this in Hong Kong at all, this is illegal but while you're in Amsterdam it's legal so you can do it
In there apart from selling weird
They also sell like water beer in case you bit thirsty after smoking up people in Holland
They spent a whole day in there. Just chilling with their friends play some board game in there and you can watch TV
People like to watch stupid stuff after they are high. So they've got everything you need to have a good time. Really?
Thanks see Amsterdam. There was Elwha were sexy sexy
I will say this is such a liberal City people can just do whatever they want
Sex shops everywhere coffee shop or go into red-light district Leyla to show you guys what's good in there?
What's that? Oh
My god this massive bit flaccid
I'm at the red-light district, but I can't show you guys any footage here because you're not allowed to film here
So the prostitutes are not working right now, but they supposed to stand here and you can see there's room for rent
So the prostitute they can rent this place and standing there and give their surface if show
You pay 2 euro to see live sex
Medium pressure cabin traffic happens if you pay 2 euro
You can go in there and they give you a little space for you to watch porn. You might wonder how I know it
I also wonder how I know it. I have some audio to show some of you I had a conversation with a prostitute
Fifty-four what
blowjob I take
One person only
No, too passive smell, okay
You walk to the door the girl will be standing at the window and there your knock on the window
you say you're interested and then they will say 50 euro for 20 minutes if you have here with the women you go inside and
Enjoy your surface for 20 minutes. And after that no matter what happens. They would kick you out
You're right here the sex museum. So we just gotta go inside and have to look because I can't show you what's good out there
Prostitute you will sit at this window and wait for people outside. So let me try to be a prostitute for a little bit
Fifty Shades of Grey tell me what this is looks like a swing to me
Wallet no keys tie
One of the pasta chains I said I can have sex with all men. I never will kiss one of them
Alright guys, I hope you guys enjoy it next time you come to Amsterdam, you know what to do. See you guys around ciao. Hi
Yeah, you like that don't get involved. Yeah. Yeah. What's your name?
Maxine over there only when you drink you can't drive when you drink and you bike it's actually illegal, but everybody does it
Thank you so much. No keys. No water. No kiss winter
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Coffeeshops in Amsterdam (Menu Revealed)

388 Folder Collection
Adam_Lu published on January 13, 2019
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