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- [Narrator] This is Bermani, a martial eagle,
the largest African eagle.
They have enough power in one foot to break a human arm.
As powerful as they are, their strength in numbers
continues to decrease in the wild.
Martial eagles weigh in at around 14 pounds,
with a wingspan up to eight and a half feet.
Bermani is native to sub-Saharan Africa,
preferring open woods, wooded savannah
and thorn bush habitats.
He is an apex predator, sitting at the top
of the avian food chain.
Unfortunately, they are being persecuted by humans,
mistakenly believed to be a predatory threat to livestock.
In reality, domestic animals make up
a very small percentage of their diet.
Add to that a shrinking habitat, which reduces prey,
the martial eagle population is dwindling fast.
This is the martial eagle.
(ambient tones)
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An Eagle with Super Human Strength

436 Folder Collection
許大善 published on January 12, 2019
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