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- [Narrator] This is Wesley, a Patagonian mara.
He looks like a cross between a deer and a rabbit,
but Wesley is actually a rodent.
Patagonian maras are only found in parts of central
and south Argentina,
and even there they are becoming harder to spot.
These cute little guys top out at just under three feet,
and just over 30 pounds.
Their bodies are well adapted for running,
and they reach close to 45 miles per hour at full speed.
Grass makes up the majority of this herbivore's diet.
They prefer living in areas with lots of shrub cover
to protect themselves from predators.
However, a combination of overgrazing and hunting
for their skin has caused a steady decline
in their population.
This is the Patagonian mara.
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The Patagonian Mara Is a Rodent on the Run

227 Folder Collection
許大善 published on January 12, 2019
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