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- It is the final day of Vlognukah.
At least it is for you.
I'm filming these in a completely
(laughs) sporadic order,

so I have no idea what's happening.
I thought I would do a Q&A
because I haven't done one in awhile,
and also coming up with
eight video ideas is hard.

This isn't my last video for the year.
There are gonna be a couple
more that come out in December.

But this is the end of the daily videos.
But thanks for watching.
I hope you've enjoyed Vlognukah.
Give a thumbs up if you have,
and maybe I'll do it
again next year. (laughs)

We'll see.
It's a lot of work, especially
on top of writing a book,

which I can now say
because I announced that,

even though I've not yet
filmed the announcement video.

What is happening? (laughs)
I asked for some questions on Twitter
and some questions on Insta Stories,
and I'm just gonna do my best. (laughs)
How do you decide which
projects to devote time to

and which to say no to?
Your time management skills amaze me.
Why, thank you very much.
It's all a facade.
No, it's not all a facade.
I do 80% of the time know what I'm doing.
I'm normally pretty
good at managing myself

and saying no to things,
especially this year with my health.
I've just been like,
no, no, no, no, no, no.

But then for the last
three months of this year,

I've said yes to many things
'cause suddenly I feel much better.
I feel on it finally, and I've
said yes to too many things.

But usually it's a bunch of factors.
So it's how much do I
want to do this project?

On a personal, self-fulfillment basis,
how much am I going to love doing this?
The process and the outcome.
'Cause sometimes they're
two different things.

And then there's am I being paid?
How much am I being paid?
And then my time.
How much time is this going to take?
But then also energy, and not just energy,
but your mental energy
and how much you're thinking
about it and stress.

I wish I could tell you
that I have a formula

to figure out whether or
not you should do a project.

Oh my God, maybe I should
come up with one of those.

Maybe one already exists.
Can you quantify how much
Hufflepuff means to you?

Hmm, so here's the thing.
I probably can't quantify it
with the amount of money I have spent
on Hufflepuff memorabilia.
However, you do not need to spend money
to prove your love for anything.
But that's the only way
that I could actually put a number to it.
But that number is kind of irrelevant
because you don't have to spend money
to prove that you love a thing.
I just love Hufflepuff so much.
It's my house.
It's my house, my people, my values.
♪ Do do do do do ♪
I like this question,
although I don't know if
I have a solid answer yet.

If you weren't a
YouTuber/stopped making videos,

what would you like to pursue a career in?
(sighs) I wish I spent more
time thinking about this,

because everyone needs a backup plan.
A few options come to mind.
Going back to university
and doing a master's

and maybe going into
academia, but probably not.

I think I would love to have
a job for a YouTube channel

that is a big production,
'cause I really like those.

And I would like to be part of a team
that is basically doing YouTube.
You have alluded to wanting
to make a change in your content.
Would you be willing to tell
us what you have in mind?

Maybe a little bit.
It's definitely something
I want to take you

on the journey for.
It's not something I'm just gonna be like,
surprise, here's a change.
It's like, no, let's do this together
and figure out our way.
But I definitely want to do
more series-based content

with other hosts,
so having other people
on the channel with me

so if in event of I go away
or I get really sick again,
the channel keeps going

and there might be a
host that you get to know

and you grow to love, and
then one week it's like,

soz, Hannah's not here, it's me.
And you're like, that's
fine, 'cause we know you.

That's a thing that I want to create,
something bigger than me
but that I'm still very
heavily involved in. (laughs)

♪ 'Cause I'm a control freak ♪
Would you ever consider coming
to New Zealand at some point?

Yes, I really want to go to New Zealand.
It's just very far away.
Which Star Wars movie is your favourite?
Okay, so I've only seen the
newest ones, except Solo.

Not seen that yet.
And I've only seen episodes
four, five, and six.

I haven't seen one, two, three.
My favourite is the only one
that I've seen more than once,

and that is Rogue One.
I love Rogue One.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say that,
'cause it's A Star Wars Story
and not one of the episodes,

but I don't care, I love Rogue One.
What is your MBTI type?
So that is the Myers-Briggs
personality thing.

So I'm I'm either an ENFP or an ENFJ.
I want to be an ENFP, 'cause
they sound really cool,

but I maybe need to accept my J-ness,
which is the organised,
structural side of me,

which is a huge part of me.
So it's not something
that I can forget about.

I tweeted months ago about
wanting to make a whole series

of doing different personality tests.
Ooh, that ties back to the
projects question from earlier.

Basically, making this whole series
of trying different personality tests
is a project that I want to do,
but I've had to put it on the back burner,
shelve it until next year.
♪ Do do do do do do do do do do ♪
Is the Earth round?
How do you achieve your work/life balance?
I don't work evenings or weekends.
The only time that I would
is if there is an event

that I have to attend or
I'm a part of in some way.

Filming, editing, writing,
sitting at my computer doing emails,
having meetings, recording podcasts,
any of that stuff
happens Monday to Friday.

And I think I probably work 10 till six.
What are some of your family traditions?
We watch Mamma Mia on Christmas.
I don't know why.
It's a summer film,
but we watch it on Christmas Day. (laughs)
Recommend me a book!
I like this question.
(rolls tongue) That one's too tight.
We're going with this one.
Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart.
It is told backwards,
and it's a mystery/thriller.
It's a proper page-turner.
If you like YA and thriller
and stories told in an
interesting style, this one.

I'm gonna recommend you the
other one I wanted to show you,

'cause this one is adult.
This is the proof copy.
The actual cover looks
like this, ding ding ding.

It's How Do You Like Me
Now? by Holly Bourne,

and it's about Tori Bailey
who is a 30-something author, writer,
but she basically wrote
one book in her 20s

that was a bestseller
and she's kind of living off that success.
It's all about social media
and the pressures to have a
perfect life from the outside,

but actually her inside
world is just crumbling.

Would recommend.
It's so good.
What was your uni dissertation on?
My uni dissertation was about
the emergence of sexology

and sex manuals in the late
19th and early 20th century,

and I called it Modern
Sex and How to Manage It.

And I actually just put
it up on Google Docs

so anyone can read it.
I haven't reread it.
It's probably not very good. (laughs)
What's your fave alcoholic
drink at the moment?

To be honest, I've been
drinking a lot of white wine.

So if I drink anything with bubbles in it,
then the stoma bag kind of blows up a bit.
I do love a good drink with Coke,
like amaretto or rum or
whiskey or something like that,

but then I'm always having to
factor in having a gassy bag.

So I don't drink beer.
I still drink Coke,
but I try and avoid it,

so then I go for white wine instead.
How would you describe Vlognukah
in a sentence of seven words only?
Less time-consuming
and better than Vlogmas. (laughs)
And we're gonna end it there! (laughs)
Thank you for your questions.
I hope some of these answers
have satisfied your curiosity.

I hope you've enjoyed Vlognukah.
Please give the thumbs up if you did.
Ooh, I wanna ask you a
question in the comments.

What's it gonna be?
I'm gonna ask you one of these.
Mm, bam bam bam bam bam.
I really liked the question
about family traditions.

So seeing as it's holiday season,
let me know in the comments
what are some of your family traditions?
It doesn't have to be
around the holiday season,

but just general family
traditions that you have,

'cause I think they're cute.
Don't forget to subscribe,
because I make new videos every week.
I won't see you tomorrow,
but happy Hanukah.

(upbeat music)
- [Group] Yeah!
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Work/Life Balance & Time Management | Q&A | Hannah Witton

639 Folder Collection
范綱一 published on January 11, 2019
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