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This is the new BMW X5 the latest version of the car that first proved
SUVs CAN actually be fun to drive. It's the largest BMW SUV
You can buy until the new X7 arrives in November and there are the car while top 10 things. You need to know about it
The new X5 will compete with the likes of the Land Rover Discovery
So huge road presence has to come as standard. Mind you, BMW seems to have swapped its famous
grille for a pair of flared nostrils flanked by standard LED

Headlights. The crease that runs along the X5 sides gives it the broad shoulders of a rugby player
Oh, yeah! But the sweeping roofline means it looks sportier than the SUVs of this size
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Which model you'd choose: the new X5, the Audi Q7, the Volvo XC90 or the Land Rover Discovery.
Inside the new X5 shares its interior design with the 5 Series -- the dashboard angles towards the driver and it's dominated by huge sat-nav screen
That sits on top of the dashboard
All models get a leather interior with contrast stitching while M Sport versions add sport seats, a sporty steering wheel and aluminium trim pieces
The new BMW X5 costs from just under 57 thousand pounds for the entry level 30d Xline diesel
Making it around 5 grand more than the equivalent Volvo
XC90. The price rises to over 70 grand for a top of the range X5 M50d
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Carwow.com. If you like your tech
You'll like the X5 it comes with two huge
high-resolution 12-inch displays and the latest version of
BMWs operating system that's been designed to help you concentrate on the road when you're driving and not be too
Distracted by the tech. It can be controlled by the touchscreen or by using
BMWs fix iDrive control system between the two front seats. The system also recognizes voice commands and gesture controls.
It has a built-in sim card
So you can browse the internet or the optional connected package
Professional adds a live traffic updates and a concierge service at your beck and call
also, the space between its front and rear wheels is 42 millimeters greater and that means the new X5 has much more rear legroom than
The car it replaces.
You can still choose to have five or seven seats and there's 650 litre boot will happily everything you need for a family holiday
Got a bigger job on your hands? Yeah, no problem. The X5 has a
1860 litre total capacity when you fold all the receipts away and the splitting tailgate means you can slide heavy loads in place nice and
Easily also the boot has a low cover which can be hidden away
electrically the
near bmw x5 is available with a choice of
Six-cylinder engines two days old and one pet shop and all models come with an 8-speed automatic gearbox as standard
The 30d diesel is likely to be the most popular
It produces 265 horsepower getting the X5 from naught to 62 miles an hour in 6.5 seconds and returning fuel economy of up to
47.1 miles per gallon, not too bad
Then the 40i petrol is quicker
It gets from nought to 62 in just 5.5 seconds
But only returns a fuel economy of thirty three point two miles per gallon
Meanwhile, the range-topping m50d diesel produces 400 horsepower courtesy of no less than four turbochargers
That's just crazy! And it can get from nought to 62 miles an hour in 5.2 seconds
But can still return fuel economy of more than forty miles per gallon the bmw x5 has excellent
Aerodynamics for an SUV to help you get the best of the fuel economy
Thanks to things like a boot mounted spoiler and a grill that can close to reduce drag at speed the x5 is actually more
aerodynamic than the McLaren f1
BMWs are supposed to be the ultimate driving machines, even the SUVs
That's why the new x5 has double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension
As that should make it fun to drive for such a big heavy SUV
Adjustable dampers come as standard say confirm at the suspension at the touch of a button. Air
Suspension is optional
If you prefer an even more comfortable ride
The standard xDrive four-wheel drive system is designed to make the X5 feel as though it is rear-wheel drive and the optional
Electronically controlled limited slip differential to give you lots of grip to power out of corners
But while the X5 should be fun to drive you can also expect it to be pretty good at driving
If you specify the driver assistance
Professional package the pack buys you a bunch of acronyms that mean the x5 can drive itself down the motorway and in heavy traffic
It can also break the car
Automatically if you reverse into traffic and steer the car back into position if you drift out of your lane on the motorway
If your fancy scraping your expensive SUVs paintwork while off-roading and the optional off-road package should at least mean you're less likely to get stuck
Includes preset driving modes for sand rock gravel or snow and the pack bundles together the optional air suspension
For extra ground clearance and the electronically controlled rear differential lock for more grip on slippery surfaces
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New BMW X5 2019 revealed - is this BMW back to its best? | Top 10s

579 Folder Collection
曾俊翰 published on January 6, 2019
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