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  • 《自動販賣機》

  • 《無處不在》

  • There is a vending machine for every 23 people in Japan 在日本,平均一部自動販賣機服務23個市民

  • That's the highest vending machine per capita on the planet. 那是人均自動販賣機數量最高的地方

  • After the business card fiasco I started 在忘記帶名片一事之後

  • to become keenly aware of all the vending machines that I saw here in Japan. 我開始留意日本街頭上不同的自動販賣機

  • I noticed: they are everywhere! 我察覺到,他們是無處不在

  • Indeed, what we're looking at here is a Japanese institution. 我們即將會看到的是一間日本公司

  • Behind me sits an entire shop dedicated to chopsticks. 我身後的這間店舖是專門售賣筷子的

  • Yes, I'm about to go inside. 無錯,我下一秒就會進去

  • The first thing you have to know 第一件你要弄清楚自動販賣機背後真相的是

  • is that Japan is an aging country. 日本是個人口老化嚴重的國家

  • The average age here is 46 years old, 這裏的平均年齡是46歲

  • which is almost double the world average. 幾乎是世界平均年齡的兩倍。

  • And the fertility rate is 1.4 另外,出生率只有1.4

  • which means the population is actually shrinking. 可見,日本人口正在萎縮。

  • This is actually a looming crisis for Japan generally, but 對於日本來說,這絕對是迫在眉睫的危機

  • one of the effects of it 而其中一個影響是勞動力變得相對昂貴

  • There's a scarcity of low-skilled labor. 社會缺乏教育程度低的工人

  • So, instead of paying a sales clerk 因此,你要買零食

  • to sit and collect your money when 只要一部自動化的機器就可以了

  • you buy a piece of gum, 哪又何必要請一個店員呢?

  • And the same goes for real estate. 房地產也經歷同樣的遭遇

  • Japan is one of the densest countries in the world. 日本是其中一個人口密度的國家

  • 93 percent of the population lives in cities. 高達93%的市民住在城市裏

  • People literally live in apartment smaller than your SUV. 他們所住的單位比一架休旅車還要細

  • So instead of paying a lot of money for a 因此,既然要花錢開一間街舖

  • store front, retailers will just slip a little machine into an alleyway to save 倒不如在小巷放一部體積不大的販賣機

  • a lot of money and they can still turn a eally good profit. 一來可以節省不少開支,二來利潤回報也不錯

  • According to one essay that I read from a Japanese economist here in Tokyo, the bigger 根據一篇由日本經濟學家所寫的文章

  • explanation for the vending machines is 另一個更好的解釋是

  • a fascination or even an obsession with automation and robotics. 日本人對於自動化、機械化的十分迷戀和執著

  • Everything that can be automated here, is automated. 任何可以自動化的東西都已經自動化了

  • When I go into order like ramen or breakfast, 當我在餐廳想點餐的時候

  • more often than not i 我很多時候都是用機器便行了,

  • order on a machine and I give a little 然後只是再把細小的收據遞給店員。

  • It's indicative of a broader of wanting to 種種的現象都表明了日本有一種「廣泛代表性」的文化趨勢

  • automate every system you possibly can. 就是盡可能自動化所有東西

  • Every taxi in Tokyo has automated doors 在東京隨手找來的的士

  • that the driver controls. 每部都裝有由司機控制的自動門

  • I don't want to overstate this. There's still a 我並不是有心跨大事實

  • major appreciation for handcrafted artisanal goods here in Japan. 事實上,在日本這裏仍保留着對手工藝品的熱誠

  • A good example of this is the seven-year-old coffee shop I just got out of, where they 我剛離開的咖啡店便是個好例子

  • literally use a weighted scale to weigh 店主在沖制咖啡前

  • their coffee beans before grinding them and brewing them to order 會用一個綁著砣的老式秤來量度一下咖啡豆

  • To cool down their coffee they put it 如果要把咖啡冷凍一下

  • into a metal vessel and spin it around a 他們會先倒入金屬容器

  • giant ice cube. 再在大冰塊上打轉

  • So yes, they love automation but they're still very much 真的,日本人熱愛自動化的同時

  • in touch with the handmade 亦未曾忘記手工藝品

  • So another thing that totally contributes is this: coinage. 第三個主因就是硬幣

  • So much coinage. 太多硬幣了

  • The one big caveat to the whole automation thing is that 其中一個全自動化系統的不足是

  • they haven't really gotten on board with credit cards yet. 在日本使用信用卡並不普遍

  • Everything is cash based. 由於所有交易都是以現金為主

  • And because of that you always have coinage. 所以你身上總有一些硬幣

  • One of their highest coin is worth like five dollars 而最大面值的硬幣價值相等於5美金左右

  • and let's be honest: 老實說,沒有甚麼東西比得上

  • there's nothing more satisfying than unloading some of the change in your pocket into a 把找續得來的零錢

  • vending machine for some yummy treat. 換來一些零食

  • My personal favorite item is hot green tea 個人最愛是熱綠茶

  • comes out wonderfully warm and you just 出來的温度剛剛好

  • wonder how you got so lucky. 實在是一種「小確幸」

  • So Japan is an aging nation with expensive labor 簡單來說,日本就是個勞動力昂貴

  • and a love for robots and too many coins in its pocket 同時又喜愛機械和太多硬幣存在的城市

  • Not google translated but Rixed.


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