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Nature's pharmacy is fantastic.
It offers us common but powerful products
that help prevent many health problems and

cure others once they've begun to attack
our bodies.

Used by themselves, things like fruits, oils,
vegetables and natural chemical compounds

have been used for millennia to treat basic

However, combining complementary elements
from nature's pharmacy often packs a more

powerful punch and can fight off several health
issues at the same time.

Consider lemon and baking soda.
Both have the power to make acidic substances
more neutral.

When paired together, they become even more
efficient at raising our body's pH levels.

But, lemon juice adds an anti-oxidizing effect
to the combination that assists the body in

certain ways, while baking soda works in other
ways to solve both internal and external maladies.

Take a look at the following video to see
exactly what a lemon juice and baking soda

combination can do for your health.
Healthy Immune System
One of the major issues with serious diseases

like cancer is that they thrive in acidic

So, by neutralizing the acid in our bodies
and increasing its alkalinity, we can prevent

and battle against many diseases.
That's why lemon juice and baking soda can
be effective in this battle.

Lemon juice helps to prohibit the oxidation
of our cells and protect them from being broken

It also hinders the growth of microorganisms
in our digestive tract.

The baking soda balances our body's pH levels
and doesn't allow acids to dominate.

Like this cancer is less likely to develop,
much less thrive in our systems—thus reducing

the risk of cancer.
Healthy Digestive System
Lemons are high in polyphenols—micronutrients

found in natural food sources.
Paired with Vitamin C, these compounds help
our body burn fat.

Baking soda and lemon work together to regulate
the acid in the gut.

Less acid means less inflammation, and that
eliminates heartburn, acid reflux, and a host

of other issues associated with too much acid
in our stomachs.

Balanced acid levels provide for optimal digestion
and less irritation after we eat.

Healthy Skin and Teeth
When lemon juice is used externally it's

high level of citric acid is a great cleanser.
The antioxidants cut down on free radicals
and slow the natural aging process that our

skin goes through.
Lemon juice can rejuvenate as well as clean
the skin.

In smaller doses, this mixture can be used
to bleach our teeth.

The acid of the lemon will whiten our teeth,
and the baking soda will bring our mouth's

environment back to a healthy balance.
When we ingest lemon juice, it becomes metabolizes
and ceases to have an acidic effect on our

Instead it helps our kidneys flush harmful
toxins—proving that it's a great cleanser

both externally and internally.
That's encouraging for both our skin as
well as our kidneys.

Healthy Circulatory System
Baking soda helps to alkalize our body, but

it's also capable of improving our circulatory
system by fighting bad cholesterol and increasing

our good cholesterol levels.
When blood is able to flow more freely through
our arteries and veins, it makes us less likely

to suffer from crippling heart diseases.
We always recommend that you speak to your
doctor before adding any mixture like this

to your diet.
It's important to know how natural remedies
might interact with your prescription medications.

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Lemon And Baking Soda: A Miraculous Combination

273 Folder Collection
Yolanda Hung published on January 2, 2019
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