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Is the new Papillon more violent
than the original?

"You're under arrest for the murder of Roland Legrande."
You better believe it.
In this intense prison remake, a wrongly convicted
man serving time in an island jail refuses

to be broken or stop trying to escape.
"There's no way off."
"There's always a way."
The violence here is off the charts.
We're talking brutal and bloody realistic
fistfights, stabbings, and beatings.

Plus there's an attempted rape,
a disembowelment, and a beheading.

The swearing is constant throughout, too,
with plenty of F-bombs and the S-word.

For even more iffy stuff, expect to see lots
of naked men and women,

including brief male frontal nudity.
"If I ever got out, I'm going to live a different kind of life."
Common Sense says Papillon is
OK for teens 16 and up.

For more age-appropriate media picks, visit
us at commonsense.org.

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Papillon: Movie Review

179 Folder Collection
Caurora published on January 1, 2019
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