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(horse neighs)
Thank you so much.
(quirky, upbeat music)
Hello, and congratulations on purchasing
your new boyfriend, version 2.0.
In this new model, we've disabled the ability to dab,
and removed vocab such as, "That's what she said."
It's our most impressive model yet.
Thank god.
When your package arrives, be sure to handle it
with care, as masculinity can be very fragile.
And don't worry, assembly is easy.
Here's what you'll need.
An Allen key, hammer, and screwdriver.
To begin, turn your new boyfriend onto his stomach.
Using the Allen key and the screws labeled A,
attach the backbone to the base of the back.
Be sure to tighten the screws all the way,
as a secure backbone will ensure your boyfriend
is able to stand up to his mother.
Turn your boyfriend over.
Using the bolts labeled B,
install the provided voice box into the compartment
located on the neck.
(upbeat, quirky music)
This will allow your boyfriend to talk
when switched on.
Hello, girlfriend.
What is your name?
I am attracted to you.
The voice box has two settings.
If you're in the mood to fight, we suggest honest mode.
I don't think that color looks good on you.
Otherwise, we recommend leaving your new boyfriend
on lie mode.
I think you look great all the time,
no matter what.
Attach the confidence cable to the correct receptors
located on your boyfriend's abdomen.
I am a king.
My penis is large.
Do you even lift, bro?
Be sure to connect each wire correctly
or your boyfriend may become too cocky.
I just nailed my presentation at work.
I like to initiate conversation.
I know gender equality is not a threat.
Each boyfriend comes fully equipped with
a talent pod located on his head.
Select the talent discs you prefer and install
in the pod.
(quirky, upbeat music)
Your new boyfriend is almost ready.
Ensure he is fully charged before use.
At first, you may find a few errors
in your boyfriend's performance.
Not to worry, this is easy to troubleshoot.
If your boyfriend begins to like other girl's
pictures on Instagram, don't worry.
This means that his fingers are probably lose.
Ensure they are fastly tightened.
If your boyfriend doesn't initiate foreplay,
replace the double A batteries located in his sex drive.
- I think your batteries are fine.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, chill, chill, chill.
Chill, chill.
If your boyfriend initiates too much sexual activity,
simply detach the penis.
(upbeat, quirky music)
And it's best to do this while your boyfriend
is on silent mode.
Enjoy your new boyfriend, version 2.0.
The most loyal and reliable boyfriend on the market.
I've got a side chick coming over, ver, ver, ver--
- Hello, and thank you for watching this video.
If you enjoyed it, please provide two thumbs up.
My last video is right over there.
The second vlog channel, which is hilarious,
is located right there,
please ensure you click subscribe because we make
new videos every Monday and Thursday,
and we would love to see you here.
One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop.
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Making The Perfect Boyfriend

236 Folder Collection
Steven published on January 1, 2019    ED translated    Evangeline reviewed
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