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Hi, I'm QDC. What we're about to build today is Dragon Sherman Tank M4A1 DV and this is
is 1/35 scale. So lets start building this kit right now.
Let's take a look inside this box. We have the tracks. Lower hull. Upper hull. The turret.
The wheels. Photo etched parts. Decals. And the instruction sheet.
I want to talk to you about Dragon's attention to details. What you're looking at are the
gun barrels. In this kit, you have two options to use this one or this one. The difference
between the two are very subtle. One is more tapered than the other but it's so subtle
that I cannot tell the difference without having a serious look at it. This really shows
the level of detail that Dragon has committed themselves for this kit.
I want to talk you about making photo etched parts. What I am pointing at is the fender
and the fender is made out of three photo etched parts...the fender itself and these
two secondary parts that keep the fender in shape. To make this part, you use ordinary
tools that you have in your collection. You use the hobby knife, a pair of tweezers, and
super glue. The trick in making these photo etched parts is to take your time. In my opinion,
if you rush and try to make these part quickly, it's not going to work. Please take you time
and it should turn out fine.
Alright, so we built the model tank and now it's time for me to show you what I think
about this kit so far. Take a look.
This is the completed model kit before painting and I like this model kit from Dragon. Dragon
has always been a brand that I think of when making high quality products for just about
all kit that they make and this is no exception. I like the details on the wheels, the cast
texture on hull and also on the turret as well. It's very nice. The only complaint that
I have about this model is the large seam right here for the turret. There was a large
seam so I had to use putty to fill it up. But either than that, this model kit is really
nice. I highly recommend this model kit for all skill levels including the beginner. If
you are a beginner, the only caution that I have is assembling the photo etched parts
for the fenders and for the light guards. They are tedious to make but if you take your
time, I think you are going to succeed. It's time for me to paint the model.
It's time for me to paint my model. I already gave the entire model a coat of black primer
and now I'm going to use my airbrush and paint the entire model with the main color.
I'm going to do some pin washing. I protected the entire model with a coat of Future Floor
Wax. Right over here is a cup of black artist paint mixed with mineral spirits. I'm going
to use my brush and give the entire model a pin wash.
I'm going to do some mud effects. What you see right here is a cup of tile grout mixed
with water to give it a mud like consistency. I'm going to simply apply it with my brush
to give areas of the undercarriage with mud.
I'm going to add some rain streaks. What I have in my hand is a brush dipped in flesh
colored oil paint and I'm going to put a dot where the rain streak begins then with a moist
brush, I'm going to streak it down.
I'm going to give my model some dust effects. I'm going to give my entire model a coat of
buff color.
Ok, so we built the model tank, we painted it, we weathered it, and now it's time for
me to show you the entire model kit from the beginning to the end. Take a look.
This if the completed model kit after painting and weathering, and this is a nice model kit.
I like the way I done the mud effects and the rain streaks and giving dust effects gives
this model worn out appearance. Not too worn but it's been in the field for a while and
it's the way I like it. The only complaint that I have is the decals. The decals were
getting what is known as "silvering" and I tried to fix it by using two products called
Micro Set and Micro Sol. It didn't work too well. It still have the silvering the decal
here and the decal here and the other one on the other side of the turret. That's my
only complaint.
That complete this project. What you are about to see is a video slideshow of the entire
model kit but before I go, as always, just because I put this video here on Youtube,
it doesn't make me a model kit expert. I am not an expert. I'm just a regular guy just
like you. I hope this video encourages you to build a model kit of your own either it's
a model tank, a model plane, a model train, or even an automobile. It doesn't matter.
In the end, it's all about having fun. I'm QDC, thanks for watching and always please,
have a great day!
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Building Dragon M4A1 DV Sherman. From Start to Finish

58 Folder Collection
SHERMAN published on December 30, 2018
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