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10 Things To Not Do In The UK
Let's start by saying that in no way are
we trying to scare you away from visiting

the UK!
But if you are a tourist or an international
student in the UK then won't it be better

to know a few things that could offend people

We mean, you don't want to hurt anyone with
your actions or words, let alone get into

trouble in a foreign land!
People would understand that you may take
a while to adjust to the new surroundings

and customs but if you want to save yourself
from embarrassing situations as a newcomer

in the UK, we have compiled a list of things
that you should avoid doing there!

Number 1.
Call the United Kingdom “England”
Before you take the flight to anywhere in

the UK, know its full form.
UK stands for The United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland.

Do you realize what this means?
The UK consists of 4 countries- Scotland,
England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Moreover, each country has its own distinctive
culture, national identity, and government.

So before you begin your sentence with “England's
landscapes are…” confirm that you really

are in England and not Scotland which is a
separate country!

Number 2.
Ask if they know the Queen
How would you feel if some tourist in the

US asked you if you knew Donald Trump?
You'd call that person plain stupid for
assuming that everyone breathing the US air

knows the President!
So how do expect people in the UK to personally
know the Royal family?

More than 60 million people live in the UK,
and over eight million of those live in Greater

London alone.
There is no way that these people know their
monarch more than the internet knows!

You won't offend people with this question
but will definitely make them laugh, AT YOUR

Number 3.
Block the escalator
Escalators are common in most countries and

we don't give much thought about the dos
and don'ts while we are stationed on it.

Well you'd be surprised to know that there
is indeed a wrong way to stand on an escalator,

at least in the UK!
It is an unspoken rule in this part of the
world that if you want to stand still, you

should stay on the right-hand side.
Well, the left-hand side of the escalator
is reserved for those people who are in a

You know the lot who believe that by running
through the escalator and saving about 30sec,

they would get to their destination on time!
Just remember, if you don't want to be pushed
past then stay on the right!

Number 4.
Jump a queue
Many of us don't give much importance to

a queue, you know the one's we see outside
a dessert kiosk because well, an ice-cream

craving can't wait!
But don't do that while you are in the UK,
simply because that is bad manners.

Even if you think it is a petty thing and
shouldn't annoy anyone, you aren't doing

it here.
Before you attempt any such adventure, know
that those people ahead in the queue came

here first and deserve to be served first.
Plus why do you want any inconvenience in
the form of a fight?

Stay in the queue, wait for your turn and
all will go swiftly!

Number 5.
Pick up a rented car
We don't mean to say that driving in this

country is illegal but you can get yourself
and others in trouble by driving.

Ah, we have created a nice suspense here,
we deserve a pat on the back!

Jokes aside, the thing is that you will have
to drive on the left side of the round here

and if you come from a nation where the opposite
is the norm, you might have a tough time learning

When you are new to a place, such experiments
are the last thing you should be doing, right?

Plus remember you don't know the way around,
so you'd be consulting maps on a busy road

while getting used to driving on the “wrong”

Number 6.
Talk about money
You don't ask someone how much they earn

or how much money they have in their pocket
unless they are your family or very close

friends, right?
Come on, that's basic decency!
People in UK might feel offended if you ask
too many questions about money.

In fact, boosting about your wealth is also
not going to be appreciated, so keep the big

bucks in your pocket!
Number 7.
Greet inappropriately
Meeting someone for the first time and experiencing

that awkward situation where you go for a
hug while the other stops you with a handshake.

Ever been there?
If you don't want to find yourself in that
situation often in UK, just go for a handshake

because they aren't too comfortable making
physical contact with strangers.

Hugging and kissing on the cheek is reserved
for people they know well and are comfortable

Oh and what do you say when someone asks you
“How are you”?

By no means is this a cue that you can start
off your saga of nasal allergies if you don't

want the person to never see your face again!
Every how are you is followed by fine, thank
you and nothing else!

Number 8.
Fake their accent
No matter how many times you have practiced

the British or Scottish accent, don't use
it because it isn't probably that good!

People aren't going to like it if you force
their accent and especially when you are doing

it all wrong!
You will make it look like you aren't a
part of them and are desperate to lose your

identity and mix with them.
Wouldn't it be better if you first make
friends with natives of Wales and then try

Welsh accent?
Number 9.
Voice opinions about Brexit
We know that Brexit is the topic of discussion

in pretty much the entire world but you can't
be walking around spitting your views about

it when you are in the UK.
People there are directly related to it and
your views can be taken personally.

And what happens when someone takes your casual
opinion personally and in a negative light?

Yes, they get offended and beat you up!
Okay, maybe we went too far with the beating
part but you still don't want to risk it!

Number 10.
Mess with the Queen's Guard
Did that bushy hat fool you?

Oh people, the Queen's guard isn't your
friend and you aren't forgetting that!

You may fool around him a bit and he won't
pay much attention, let alone punish you.

But there is a line drawn and you must never
cross it because the consequences won't

be pretty.
Never, we repeat NEVER touch the guard because
once you do that, prepare yourself for a world

of hurt!
Do you want that gun, the one that was fascinating
you, to be pointed at you?

If not, maintain a respectable distance from
the guard, he deserves it!

How was your experience in the UK?
Tell us in the comment section below.
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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In UK

109 Folder Collection
Huang Yu-Fen published on December 26, 2018
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