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- [Narrator] This is the bald uakari monkey.
These monkeys are mostly known for their bright red faces,
which are an indicator of good health.
Sick monkeys develop pale faces.
Unlike most primates, bald uakaris have very short tails
and long coats.
The uakari is an arboreal primate,
which means they live in the treetops,
mostly because of forest flooding in the rainy season.
During the dry season,
they return to the ground to look for seeds.
The bald uakari are native to the western Amazon
of Brazil and Peru and are considered a vulnerable species.
Female uakaris can only give birth
to a single infant every two years,
so the population can't grow rapidly.
These primates are threatened primarily by hunting
and destruction of their habitat, mostly by deforestation.
This is the bald uakari monkey.
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Red-Faced, Hairless and Handsome: Meet the Bald Uakari Monkey

150 Folder Collection
許大善 published on December 25, 2018
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