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Porter! Porter! I love you! I love you!
Damn! I need to rush to the bank to open an account. What are these people doing here?
You're so handsome, Potter! Potter, I love you! Marry me! I'm your biggest fan!
Is it because… because I'm so handsome? It is my fault.
I was going to go to the bank today, but I forgot to wear my mask.
Damn! I should have been more careful. Now look what happened!
Looks like the window is my only way out.
Potter, I love you!
Oh my god, it's like I'm in The Walking Dead. I remember one of the lines was...
Raaaahrhrhraaaaaaa! Anyway, rather than sit here and await my death, I might as well make use of this time and open a DBS Digital Savings Account right here from home.
The entire application process only takes 4 simple steps and ten minutes.
The DBS Digital Savings Account offers you a special interest rates of 1.1% on NTD savings and 2% on USD savings accounts, as well as 101 monthly inter-bank cash withdrawals in Taiwan with no service fee charge.
And once you open an account, you just need to try out a few services, and then you can receive up to $1000 cashback!
Whoops, I got so caught up in telling you about this deal that I completely forgot about all of those people outside.
Delivery for Mr. Potter!
Is it the ATM card for my DBS Digital Savings Account? Wow, so efficient!
I should have seen this coming! I forgot about the crowd of fans out there!
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Potter King - The Walking Dead in Real Life

23981 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on January 22, 2019    Evangeline translated    Evangeline reviewed
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