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Hey, are you all set or is there anything else I can get for you? You can get me your number.
I don't think my boyfriend would like that too much. Well yeah, is your boyfriend here right now?
I'll come back whenever you're ready. Have a good day, Sir.
Time's up!
From award shows to marches across the country, it's become a rallying cry.
The new day is on the horizon!
*much applause*
Men and women speaking out against sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.
I'm an actor and a survivor of a sexual assault.
Just this week, Terry Crews;
testifying before a Senate committee on the issue. I know the shame
associated with the assault. It happened to me.
From celebrities to those who rely on tips to pay the bills, "I think people
perceive us as
we're dumb." Like this waitress who spoke with Diane Sawyer on 20/20 asking for anonymity.
"I'll say 'Hi, welcome. What can I do for you? What can I get for you?". And they'll just say, "Show me your ***."
"What time you get off work?" "I'm not interested."
How will diners react when they witness waitress harassment firsthand? "You know, you're supposed to give the customer what he wants."
What would you do?
We've taken over the Park Avenue Diner in South Plainfield, New Jersey.
Here we go. "What's your name?" "Diana." Where Diana is on the receiving end of Ben's
inappropriate advances. "I'll just need the check and your phone number."
These nearby diners are listening in. And when Ben won't take no for an answer, "No, I'm sorry."
"Why are you playing hard to get, what 'dya want?"
*very uncomfortable laughter*
This diner goes to give the manager a heads up on what's going on. "Can I help you with something?"
00:02:07,110 --> 00:02:12,980
Ben knows it's time for him to leave. Still, on his way out, he goes one step further.

"Hey, sorry to bother you. Would you mind just giving this to the waitress for me?"
He asks these folks to give the waitress his phone number.
"Wow, this is amazing."
When he's finally gone, Diana returns to the table.
"oh, I'm-I'm sorry."
"It's hard to say anything because you know, this is my livelihood."
Do I see that often here? Yeah
Speaking of TV, time for us to tell them it's "What Would You Do?"
But this happens in real life, that's why we're doing it
I've got three daughters if I ever saw somebody do that to one of my daughters
I was ready to get up and rip this guy's hair out. I'm not even kidding
"So what time you get off?" Most people have no problem confronting Ben and calling out his
inappropriate behavior although their reactions vary
He is decidedly direct
Can you whistle at her?
Excuse me
She's probably just play hard-to-get She reminds him of the facts in a friendlier fashion.
You think so? His is a low-key plea to surrender.
And his friend doesn't miss an opportunity to cut the tension with a light-hearted joke.
"No date, no tip." This woman explains to Diana how Ben's behavior affected her teenager.
It was troubling, wasn't it? "Extremely, extremely."
And also to him. "I can't believe that someone would actually do that." How should you treat women?
As a human being, not as an object.
This customer shows Grace and calm in the face of Ben's unrelenting aggression
"Is he here right now?" No. "Come over here for a second."
He makes his way over to Ben's table. He sits right down
That's great, that's great. Time for us to step in and say hello. "How are you doing?"
I'm John Quiñones. Oh my goodness. This is "What Would You Do?"
You didn't have to become involved
No, I mean, I just saw what was going on. I mean, you know, so hot buddy learned great then
I think that, he was kind of crossing the line.
We're rolling once again
"Let me take you on a date'' And the disapproval and disgust is written all over this woman's face
That wouldn't make me feel really comfortable, but I can bring you the check
She's really upset and when Diana takes her order, she takes the opportunity to give her a message
So when Ben does this well, you know
I can't really give you a tip. If you don't let me take you on a date. I'm gonna give you $1 an out
And then the rest
You can have you come out with me tonight
They can't sit by and watch this any longer
Wow leave room she told you she's got a boy
Alright break it on our way in he leaves Ben with this
You were really upset oh, I don't lose my temper and when I do watch out so we know what you would do
Oh, yeah, definitely cuz he was talking about the hook. What's the moral of the story Dominic?
moral of the story
Get involved but use care and caution
Exactly what we saw from today's diners speaking up for Diana when she was afraid to speak up for herself
Hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here. Thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel
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Male patron harasses his waitress at a diner | What Would You Do? | WWYD

56 Folder Collection
Morgan published on December 22, 2018
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