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Hey, what's up? I'm here to teach you another hip-hop move. This is a really, really basic
hip-hop move. This is actually the beginning of your learning process. When you start learning
hip-hop and you start feeling like you want to learn how to dance and you want to do hip-hop
dance, you should start out with this. This is going to be the basis of a lot that you
do in hip-hop, because it involves using your knees and bouncing with your knees. We call
this the funky walk.
This is how we do it. You put your right foot in front of you and, again, I said, it involves
your knees, right? So you're going to bounce twice. You just go, one, two. Then we switch
to the other foot. Put that one in front, and you go; one, two. So, basically, all you're
doing, you're pulling. Now, you can call this "Pull Up Your Pants". That's another way I
say it just to help my memory; remember that, I'm going to pull. So it's like I have on
this huge big clown pants and I go like this... and I pull. Think of it like that.
So take a step in front of you, grab on to these huge big clown pants and I'm going to
put my body into the pants and pull the pants up. So, I go "put on your pants", "put on
your pants". Trust me, I say it that way a lot and it helps people remember. So, I go,
"put on your pants", "put on your pants", other leg, "put on your pants", "put on your
pants". Got it? Back it up. Let's try this out. So, we're going to go five, six, seven,
eight. Bounce, bounce, and step. Bounce, bounce, and step. Bounce, bounce. You got it. Let's
to it again.
This time we're going to do it really, really slow, because a lot of times people do this.
And, we're not doing "take of the pants" we're doing "take off your pants". So, you grab
onto your pants and we're just going to bounce now. That's it. We're just going to bounce,
all right. So, we're going to go, bounce, up, bounce, up, other leg. Take a step. You're
going to go, bounce, up, bounce, up. Think of it as you're pulling something really heavy
and as you're pulling it, you're body's going down. So, there you go, pull and you stand.
Do it again. Pull and you stand.
There's a lot of bounce in this dance. The more bounce, the better it looks. Remember,
this is hip-hop. So, you got to use your knees and you gotta have that bounce in it. All
right, so we're going to try this no music and no music. Five, six, seven, eight, we're
going bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. You got it. Let's try this out with
music. You ready for the music? All right, let's try this. All right, so, funky walk
with the music. We're going to do it really slow. Like this, we go. Bounce, bounce, other
leg... there you go. That's the funky walk. Let's speed it up. You ready? Five, six, seven,
eight. Hey, there you go. Funky walk. Funky walk. Come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey. That's
the funky walk. We're going to do it one more time for you, like this, come on. Bounce,
bounce. Take it back, let's go.
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How to Do the Funky Walk | Kids Hip-Hop Moves

177 Folder Collection
冯枫 published on December 21, 2018
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