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Shit, there are a lot of shows this season!
Honest-to-god, 2018 has been an amazing year for anime so far
well, aside from last season
Last season was a little dry you had a few good shows here and there
But this season is looking a lot better.
We've got some promising new shows along with some fan favorites I know we've been waiting ages for the return of.
That's right boys after all this time, it's finally back. The King has returned... It's time...
for Taiwanese fucking puppets!
If you're waiting for a punchline, there isn't one... The show is actually awesome. Un-sarcastically.
How do I say that without sounding sarcastic?
Why d'you keep doing this, Japan???
This what you think we want?!?!?
This is what you think we deserve!??!?!?!??!
Because we said we liked Ero-manga sensei??
Is it our fault?
Is it my fault?!??!?!?!?!
It's like if Eromanga Sensei and OreImo had a secret incest baby
yes, a fucking, deformed, incest baby
they disowned, so it got raised by All you need is a sister until it grew up and got kicked out for taking off the
Kiss x Sis
I mean, I'm all for trash, but at least try to give me high grade, biodegradable quality trash not this low effort shit
This ain't no wincest,
And I'm gonna need to see some ID from you!
I see nothing wrong with that.
Now before we really get stuck into it,
there are many high profile shows this season that leads me to believe that many of you are gonna skip in the sports anime
but trust me, there are a few to actually look out for:
Run with the Winds is a new Production I.G sports anime,
and if there's one studio I trust with Sports anime, it's Production I.G
This feels like the Haikyuu spirit has truly been passed down with a much more character focused sports show even though it's just about running, this time.
with some beautiful animation and a cast chemistry I already like,
I trust I.G to pull through with this one.
Kyoto animation is also back with some more boys
This time with a bit of Archer Free!.
We've got a modern sumo anime. That is pretty fucking hype. I mean, you know
Hype as two fat dudes slapping each other about can be
The first 20 minutes of this opening episode was a decent
Fantasy setup that actually drew me in and got me invested in the world and everything that was happening,
that it made me step back and ask,
aww, shit
is this...
is this actually decent?
And then five minutes later, is gracious enough to answer me with:
*laughing coffin*
Ever since Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
AKA SAO A hyphen GGO
AKA Fort Stay Nite,
I can't help but laugh a bit that the franchise
realizes the one way to make SAO better is to completely disconnect itself from everything its previously done
and that seems exactly like what this new season is doing
it's like they just put a hard reset with new worlds and characters. And because of it,
I'm actually intrigued where this new SAO goes,
even if it still has the same edgelord Kirito in it
Get some help.
I'm not gonna dwell in this because I've already added my piece of the Goblin Slayer controversy
Well, kinda I know must've been confusing to some of you because I wasn't being very sarcastic in it
But just to round out my thoughts I can see why Goblin Slayer is popular
I do. If anything it fits in the space for people bored of the safe standard fantasy setting that became
oversaturated through the Isekai genre.
Even if the initial hook was based purely on shock factor.
So yeah
we're just gonna have to wait and see if Goblin Slayer has more to do than just slaying goblins
because we're gonna have a new...
...scale or I'm actually have it made digitally where it's on a scale of
Goblins, you know, is it charging into a goblins nest, hacking them to pieces or is it just going?
You know around the goblins. Is it kissing goblins?
even though you still stab them you get him a kiss or is it catching him in bed with a goblin?
And then the final scale is gonna marry a goblin
Speaking of Isekai there was a point last year
When I thought isekai was gonna die down, but somehow it got even worse
I swear this point people are just going to anime companies at random words they picked out the Hat like
in another world
I like it
you...you serio--
Conception is about a guy gets transported to another world and has to get a bunch of women pregnant in order to
Save the world. That is the premise. I am not lying
I am not quite sure who needs to be fired more: the person who made this concept or the person who approved this
concept just tell me what the point of this anime is
Because you know if you wanted to make a hentai just make a fucking hentai
that's obviously what you want this to be
and you know, I'd probably actually watch it if that was the case, but sometimes
Somehow you get a stupid idea that works
That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime is exactly what it sounds like and I'm pretty sure the premise came from the same creative
process but somehow he has an infectious charm
that just draws you in you can tell a lot of love and care has been put into this you have a world that is apparently
Normal for other people to get transported to it
A Tsundere dragon that's not CG, animation is on point you find yourself actively cheering for this fucking slime to kick some ass and
Find his harem of slime-loving pussy.
It's just an entertaining show god fucking damn it
I thought I was done with isekai at this point
What is this, Radiant? More like really ain't Fairy Tail
I'm kidding. It was just a joke. This is nothing like Fairy Tail. Okay, don't kill me
It was just a shitty comparison joke, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean it
What I meant to say was:
What is this, Grey Clover?
Fucking Netflix adaptations, man
Once again by Trigger for like the 20th fucking time now
I don't know. What does anime even need saving from anymore, themselves?
I've got to be honest when I first saw the CG in the trailer for Gridman,
I was like, Trigger
Why? why would you betray me like this?
Having watched that, I was reminded that this was meant to be based on the classic tokusatsu genre and the clunky CG actually captures this feel
Perfectly because it feels like these could be costume characters, but just given a very shiny new lick of paint
I absolutely love the art, atmosphere, and direction even if it can sometimes be a bit weird.
Character designs get an
S plus...
S plus size...
it's just the perfect homage to tokusatsu, even if you didn't grow up with it as a kid,
I do highly recommend it
And see, for all you getting confused why there are so many S's in the name,
The S is for those of you who are uninformed,
Actually stand for
If there's one thing that drew me to the show from the get-go wasn't the moe, wasn't the high school
It wasn't the action spy thriller. It wasn't the moe high school action spy thriller.
It's this
funky ass soundtrack, man
Oh, let me jam to this for a second
Then we have this show with two cute girls talking about how they've never liked any boys and you know
I didn't know what the show was gonna be about when I started watching this cuz they um,
They they really didn't make it obvious. But, I gotta say the art looks really really pretty though
I really don't know where they're gonna go with this one
Could really be about anything
Weird flex, but okay.
What is this? A Monogatari/Oregairu ripoff?
Yeah Okay, been there done that gonna take more than a simple bunny girl to impress me, guys.
Oh, cute
You're ready trying with this dialog aren't you? And um
Oh no
I like the girl.
I like the guy.
Oh no
I'm invested
Wait. No. No, you didn't prepare me. It's it's it's only episode three. You're not allowed to do this
No, you didn't give me time.
I wasn't expecting this
Not the feels train anything but--
I like this show
I really like this show.
The writing, the banter, the chemistry
It just all took me by surprise because when I heard the concept I was like,
All right, I don't get it
But whatever
But before I knew it, I was invested as hell in these characters and I gotta say Monogatari vibes aside
It's got the most refreshing character relationships I've seen in anime in a very long time
It has to remind me that it's anime somehow right?
damn this anime looks beautiful.
I mean,
Jesus just look at these backgrounds
(Makoto Shinkai, is that you?)

and to top this off, we've got a magical
time-travel aesthetic feelsy show
from the director of Nagi no Asukara
with a dash of nostalgia bait?
PA works,
Did you make this show just for me?
Please tell me you made this show just for me
I appreciate you making this show just for me
Did you just make a JoJo reference?
Wait, did you just make a JoJo reference?
No, you made a JoJo reference.
Holy shit, there are so many JoJo references.
Can you stop making JoJo references?
We are the Joe Joe reference
Pfft another Idol show.
Alright boys nothing to see here
am gonna take a quick toilet break hit me up when anything happens
*a wild truck-kun appears*

Zombieland Saga takes the 2018 Award for show that really shouldn't work but does
Basically, you have Hououin Kyouma putting together a ragtag team of zombie girls
so they can become an idol group
on paper, you're like who the fuck thought this was a good idea?
yet somehow, these were some of the funnest opening episodes I've seen all year
You got death metal idols
you got a fucking 8-Mile rap battle scene
You have truck-kun back at it again smashing more girls than any of us ever will
You've got an opening that somehow rivals JoJo for most stylish OP of all
You got fucking Mamoru Miyano
Sounding like he is having way too much fun delivering every single line
This is it guys this is the show that will convert me into an idol fan
so grab your glow sticks, clear up your schedules, hit up your next concert cuz I am going full fucking cancer
and there's nothing you can do to stop me
a wild truck-kun appears!
Hey guys, hope you enjoyed that video. Thank you very much this month to
Nicolas Tatum
Maytee Malabanan
and everyone else on my patreon for helping to support me for this month and making this video possible.
Sorry this video was a little late this season
I actually wanted to take a bit more time to really watch the shows and polish the videos off
because there was a lot of shows to watch this season so I ended up taking a little more time, but I'm really proud of the final video
So I hope you enjoyed it, too
Not too many new updates for me, except I will be in Korea this weekend for the League of Legends World Finals
I know a lot of you don't give a shit about League
So feel free to click off now
But it's kind of an impromptu trip because I didn't expect any European team to get this far and I was in Asia anyway
So I didn't wanna miss the opportunity, so yeah
If any of you are there this weekend then feel free to say hi.
It's my first time in Korea.
Anyway, that's it for me
No further updates
I've been Gigguk, and I will see you all next time.
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Fall Anime 2018 in a Nutshell

221 Folder Collection
Leo Li published on December 21, 2018
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