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so I'm traveling today to this country
called the Philippines and the country

we are also more fun in the Philippines
if you're not in the car it's so fun in

the Philippine that if you go and ask
random people to smile

even security guards smile
that's one minute see you tommorrow
I want to see if I can have food water
shelter for the whole day for 0.00

dollars here in Manila I gave up my
valuables by drone and my entire wallet

and checked out of the hotel to hit the
streets.. it's a bad idea

I cannot take buses or taxis. I cannot
eat out but what I can do is rely on

people's generosity for water I say: I'm
thirsty.. thank you

when people are very thirsty
it is better to give. For food I said I
lost my wallet. You ran after me
yes why I'm just sharing my blessings

but for shelter this is a bit hard. I say

I say I am stranded. I ask one, two, three four, five six seven people and then I meet
this guy
he takes me in buys me food offers me
his home gives me his bed and doesn't

even want to be filmed there is still
good in this world that's one minute to

thank you

money I don't like spending it that's
why I like the Philippines it's very

cheap a full day tour and this island
will cost you 20 bucks and maybe $25 for

this one a haircut for 17 dollars at
Hong Kong here you can get it for $1 and

uber ride for one hour will cost you $3
welcome to the a romantic date for two

will set you back $50 now you're not
gonna go on a date islandhoppper you get

a haircut every single day but what I
think you might like to do is drink it's

so cheap in the Philippines that this
bottle of rum costs you 1 dollar in 10

cents for that price I can buy 30
bottles to get the whole village drunk

for the price of two cocktails in New
York City

and the best part is that why don't you
bring your cheap drinks you can make

friends with locals because they all
speak English in here

these islands are gorgeous but watching
it from your phone you will get bored

after five seconds so then they tell you
what makes this place incredible above

water it's heaven on earth even when
there is no Sun but it's not just what's

above the water and on the water that's
beautiful it's also was hiding

underneath you have the gazillion small
fish that love you and the gigantic fish

that does not give a damn about you
there is a Japanese shipwreck hiding

right under your feet
and if saltwater it is really your style
there's always a

right away
that's why this waste incredible that's
one minute tomorrow

she's standing in a perfect cone
structure at 2463 metres high which is

65 percent of her sister Mount Fuji in
Japan and three times that of course

Khalifa did you buy but it's not her
appearance and height that make her so

majestic it's her personality
maeín is shy she's so shy she hides

behind the clouds all the time in fact
some say her husband's are the clouds

and when you finally see her she's

she's angry that typically erupts every
three to five years that is deadly angry

but best of all cheese purpose the most
perfect human being

nature has to offer that's me on that's
one minute see you tomorrow

for the past five days have always
stayed in the richest bars of the

Philippines and so it's easy for me to
believe that all that Philippines looks

like this but it's not only one cab ride
away from here you arrive here at the

trash Mountain where people have been
such extreme poverty that the air is

unpleasant to smell but this isn't just
this area 25% of the Philippines live

under the poverty line it's incredible
that under the same city roof you can

lunch like this and dinner like this
green stuff coming from the ground means

it's beautiful nature in this case it
means there is so much trash piled on

top of each other that it formed a
mountain where actual people live and

plants started to grow the country's
tagline is it's more fun in the

Philippines but I think a more
appropriate one is it's more fun in 75%

of the Philippines
I said it before and I'm gonna say it
again the Philippines is cheap which

means you don't need many dollars to
come here and see this piece of beauty

but it also means you don't need many
dollars to help those that need help

it's so cheap in here that we can buy
this burger with me and all for 20 cents

20 cents and for that price you can buy
a thousand of these burgers without

breaking the bank and in a place where
people are so poor that trash forms an

actual mountain you can form an actual
mountain of foods for the price of one

Efrain hotel stay in New York City and
with that you can feed up to a thousand

yes cheap prices means better tourism
but it also means it's not that hard or

expensive to help those in need that's
one minute

hi it's my last day in Iowa's at the
Philippines I'm sad but he was

everything that I like about this
country it's a country with more than

7,000 islands which means this and this
and this exist here this volcano and

this volcano also existed the prices
they're so cheap you can get a whole

village drunk or another poor village
fed without breaking the bank but

reality is in some parts poverty so
extreme people live on top of a trash

Mountain or at a graveyard with the dead
but you can Google hold up on what you

cannot Google however are the people
they will be generous they will feed you

and they will post you without knowing
they will build good start and they will

probably like crazy but best of all they
will be your friends real friends the

country's tagline is it's more fun in
the Philippines but I don't like that

image there's no love in the Philippines
that's one

thank you
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There's More Love in the Philippines

41 Folder Collection
阿明 published on December 19, 2018
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