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[phenomenal yawn]
Slept like a
James, put away the scythe
Can't pull out a scythe in front of your dog.
I just want to say hello to my dog.
Is that not ok, no?
00:00:12,800 --> 00:00:14,466
Instead I'm binning my scythe.

Oh no, and now I'm fishing.
I just want to say hello
[gives up entirely]
Let's go see if anything has grown that we can sell
I mean that's ...
I used to enjoy the rain because I, er,
I didn't have to water.
But now I have the sprinklers put in it's
Ooh, mayonnaise is ready.
More presents
Let's just keep making mayonnaise
I tell you what. While the rain pours
Make mayonnaise
Oh guys. guys.
It's alright for you in here. Ooh look. Thank you.
They don't know what a great part they play in the wooing of
The three ladies.
Well, and possibly Demetrius and, uh, Sam? I dunno.
I think I might have used up all my hay.
Guys I've gotta go.
The problem is is that traditionally
You're supposed to make hay in different weather conditions than this.
But it's 11:10 am let's go...
IT'S 11:10 AM!
Right let's see if Marnie is actually doing her job because she is
Oh good she's there. Ok thank god.
I need to buy some hay
Oh s**t we're gonna sell some eggs.
We're gonna sell their eggs so we can feed them. I mean that's fair enough isn't it.
"So we're just going to sell your children."
"Uh, because you need to eat."
Well that trip took half an hour.
Time is ... we've gotta get out we've gotta get out there guys.
We've gotta get out there and woo
We've gotta feed the chickens and then we've gotta woo the ladies.
But, to be honest, it's dark, I'm feeling depressed.
Let me in.
I thought they'd locked the door
That'd be really weird.
I could just got to bed right now. And who would know?
Do you think on the farm? On the farm the guys would be like "are you a bit depressed James?"
And then let's
Oh no we haven't got any more eggs.
This is. This is a complete disaster.
And that was a weird noise.
Let's go and see if we can give some mayonnaise out.
When you're not making money the most important thing is to, is to
Have a shared income I think and that's why
I really need to get with Haley
Or Robin. Despite her
Her husband who is, frankly, not right for her
[this is not what I said but, rather what I meant to say]

Leah or Robin. One of them works up here.
Up here maybe?
I have brought you mayonnaise
Yeah no probs babe.
Just, er, don't show it to your husband, ok?
"James popped by; gave me some mayonnaise today."
"WHAT? Is he doing that b***********************d
Shane you ain't getting s***********************t
I hope she appreciates this actually.
The fact that I've come out
Ah! Confrontation!
Maybe she works in here? This has got her written all over it hasn't it?
Let's just walk into her house.
Hello oh there she is.
Excuse me.
I think that's her
Haley: "I always clean under the cushions, it's YOUR turn this week." They're having a barney.
I'll make her feel better.
Oh no!
"You're being childish"
I'm just reading what Emily says here so you can probably read it on the screen
as long as I remember to reduce and move the video of me so make it viewable.
That's not really how arguments sound though is it.
Emily leave here alone!
"Oh it's that new farm boy."
She doesn't even know my name!
I'm the one who gives you mayo... I keep giving you mayonnaise
"He has a name, you know" Goddamn right Emily."
I bet you understand my point of view her.e
I certainly do.
Oh god they're going to bring me in here
I know who I'm siding with already
You don't even need to tell me
"I'm sorry to involve you in this Jam"
"Haley's complaining because I asked her to clean under the cushion"
Well?! She's a princess.
"It's only because I cleaned them last week."
a) stop whining and just clean it
b) Haley why not have this be your weekly job
"Emily, take the high road and do it this time."
You have to follow your heart.
For the one you love
And so
You have to take the moral high ground
Well just the third option
The one that doesn't piss her off and doesn't [indecipherable mumblings]
Oh sugar!
No I didn't mean that
No! All that work!
Will mayonnaise help the situation?
This is a situation which even mayonnaise can't help
00:04:27,366 --> 00:04:28,433
Oh no!

Alright, Haley, to be fair, it was your turn
And I was only doing that
To make you love me
Can't please anyone
That was a terrible mistake
Where's Leah?
That's not Leah
If Robin had gotten pissed of with me it wouldn't have made such a difference.
But the reason she doesn't is because she just takes it out on her husband in their unhappy marriage.
In their loveless marriage
Where the sex is habitual
Ooh look!
I need to find out more about Leah.
Time for bed!
This is astonishingly like my real life.
Right let's hope something's grown by tomorrow because otherwise we're in big trouble.
I'm moving into the um
Into the cow shed
It's bigger
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GameBalls - Stardew Valley - Episode 6

36 Folder Collection
阿明 published on December 19, 2018
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