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Hello and welcome to episode 2 of James's
Tech Reviews

I'm thinking of calling it something different
than that I'm not sure whether that's ...

The Teaches of Veitches
In the comments let me know what you think

and winner gets a, um ... oh that's not .. continuity
.... continuity ... professionalism.

I'm becoming a proper Youtuber guys.
I've got some fairy lights.
Do you use "Waze?"
Waze is what I use to get around in my.. it
guides you round the streets, like lots of Uber Drivers


Now you can record your own ... GPS ... talkiness.
Voice Directions
All Set, let's go!

It's quite possible we have made one or two
fairly critical errors.

I'm going to try and bring my own ...
Ok. We're going to need to make a series of illegal manoeuvres fairly quickly.
Second exit, no third exit.
Er, second.
Mate I'm not the one who said go left.
Pull over because we need to rethink our entire
decision making process.

Maybe that was me.
Oh, you missed it.
You missed that one.
In two miles do we even want to go there anyway?
In a quarter of a mile .. what's the point?
I think it's quite funny if I get a bit passive

You could probably go a little bit faster
couldn't you mate?

In seven miles .. this is taking forever.
I mean that is definitely too fast.
Re-routing beep beep beep beep beep
In ten miles keep right. I mean I'll probably just remind you about that at the time.
Traffic is building up ahead so slap on an

Like get one of those ones that's really long
because you definitely get value for money.

Like a 30 hour audio book.
In half a mile turn left and then immediately
wonder what you're doing with your life.

I don't want to be a backseat driver mate
but you are going a bit fast.

Why didn't you just get the train?
It probably would have been cheaper.
It would have been quicker.

Go right, go right, no left.
Aren't we all just on a road .. I mean we're

Go straight on

Or take the road less travelled by.
Take the exit you've missed the exit.
This is taking forever.
Perform a U-Turn if it's safe to do so

actually just do it anyway because there's probably no one watching.
Take the exit that is between exit 5 and exit

You will be at your destination in seven hours.
Kill me now.
Oh no you can sorry.. I thought it was one way. My bad.
Can't we just turn around and go home?
It's much nicer at home.
You have arrived at your destination.
But just get in, get out and we'll be back
home soon.

In thirty miles
Turn right

And then everything will
be alright

You've gone the wrong way
it's like you're

Robinson Crusoe
I need you to do a u-turn when it's

safe to do so
I mean that was a ludicrous rhyme
She said baby can't you see
I wanna be famous

a star of the screen
but you can do something

in between
Baby you can

Baby you can
I don't know the chords

Beep beep beep beep yeah
Are those the chords?

Was that anything like what it was supposed
to ..

And baby I love you
I mean some of the right notes were hit then
Just not in the right ...

And that has been episode 2 of James's Tech

I think we should find a better name.
I forgot to mention the fact that these are
available for download.

I'm sharing, I'm gifting it to the world.
Just follow the link here ..
I'm in a hotel.
Look how nice it is.
I've just had scones.
No big deal.
Don't actually use these.
I mean they're, if not actually dangerous,
fairly distracting.

Do not use these when you're driving.
I mean.
Use them for a bit.
Just ...
Do not use them.

I will get into big trouble.
Hang on, I meant to get the fire in the background.
I think, genuinely, I think YouTube is going
to be big.

I'm gonna say it.
that's why I'm getting in on the ground level
before anybody's really heard about it.

Do a little subscriby.

You need to click the little bell thing.
Then you get "Alerted" to my "content."
Which is actually how a lot of people have
described sexual manoeuvres with me.

As being '"alerted to my content."
I can't believe I said that.
I'm going to be slamming out a lot of vids.
If you get my, er,

Can we stop doing this?
I think people are going to unsubscribe if
they see this.

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2. Veitch does Waze

55 Folder Collection
阿明 published on December 19, 2018
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