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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.
Let's learn English and at the same time let's
learn about Christmas.

Hey Bob the Canadian here.
Welcome to this video.
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Well today we're going to talk about Christmas.
Christmas is coming.
On December 25th it will be Christmas.
And in this video I just wanted to talk about
some of the ways the world looks different

as Christmas is approaching, as Christmas
is getting closer.

So we're going to look at Christmas trees.
There's actually one behind me right now.
It's not lit up because it's daytime.
And we're going to look at Christmas decorations
in stores and restaurants.

Christmas causes local businesses to decorate.
And I'm hoping this evening to be able to
show you some footage from our local town's

Christmas parade.
So that's all coming up.
Welcome to this video.
Let's learn some English and let's learn a
little bit more about Christmas.

So as I said we're gonna talk a little bit
about Christmas trees today.

Christmas trees usually have Christmas lights
on them.

You can kind of see the Christmas lights on
this tree.

I will admit it would be a little more fun
to be here at night, but I have to shoot some

of this video during the day so you can see

You'll actually find trees almost everywhere.
You'll find them in buildings.
You'll find them in stores.
You'll find them in restaurants sometimes.
Christmas trees generally start to show up
around December 1st.

Even the bank has a Christmas tree right here!
So you might be wondering how do you get a
Christmas tree?

Well that depends on whether you want a fake
tree or a real tree.

If you want a fake tree you can simply go
to almost any store and buy a tree there.

A fake tree is made out of plastic and other
materials, and the cool part about it is that

you can use it every year.
But maybe you want a real tree.
There's a couple ways to get a real tree.
You can come to a Christmas tree farm.
A Christmas tree farm grows Christmas trees
and allows people to come in December to cut

their own Christmas tree.
They usually have saws.
They usually have saws that you can borrow
so that when you go out to get a Christmas

tree you can cut it down.
So I thought we should take a walk out to
the actual Christmas tree farm.

I apologize that there's no snow.
Usually when you do something like this, when
you come out to get a Christmas tree there's

usually lots of snow on the ground.
But you can see that this Christmas tree farm,
there's actually lots of trees behind me for

people to harvest as Christmas trees.
And you can even see where some people have
already come and gotten their tree.

If you don't want to cut down your own Christmas
tree you can always go to almost any local

store - grocery stores, hardware stores - almost
every store in Canada in December sells Christmas

trees, and you can just go there and buy one.
And of course the whole point of having a
Christmas tree is that you decorate it once

you have it at your home or in your place
of business.

So you can see our Christmas tree, this actually
Bob the Canadian's Christmas tree, it's

a fake one.
We have ornaments on it.
You can see a little ornament down here, and
we have lights.

So I mentioned that a lot of shops and restaurants
decorate for Christmas.

We'll go look at a few.
Usually right around the end of November,
beginning of December is when stores or shops

and restaurants start to, start to decorate
for Christmas.

So let's go pop in and look at what kind of
decorations they have put up.

Oh, hey, you can just walk past, it's no big
deal, I'm just gonna start my van over here

so, yep,
You can see this restaurant has stockings
hanging up, I'll give you a bit of a closer

You can see that part of their decorating
is they've put stockings up.

Stockings are something that people usually
hang in their homes, or houses, and people

put gifts in them.
But I think this restaurant is just putting
them here just to decorate for Christmas.

So I feel like I'm failing a little bit.
I've, I've been to a couple of restaurants
and they don't have any Christmas decorations

I was thinking there would be a lot more to
show you, but I can talk a little bit about

Christmas Spirit.
The stores that have decorations up have a
lot of Christmas spirit.

The stores and restaurants that don't, don't
have a lot of Christmas spirit.

That means that they're not celebrating Christmas
as much as maybe I would like them to.

So the store behind me has, right on the very
front of the store, it says, "Canada's Christmas

Store" So they're definitely celebrating
the Christmas season by decorating the front

of their store.
So, "Canada's Christmas Store!"
I think that's probably a good place to buy
some Christmas presents!

So this store doesn't just decorate for Christmas.
This store has a whole Christmas section where
you can buy Christmas things.

If you look along here you'll see all kinds
of Christmas ornaments, and if you look up

here you'll see all different Christmas trees.
Now these are fake Christmas trees.
These aren't real Christmas trees.
And there's some up here too, let me put it
up here so you can see.

So on this side you'll see all kinds of tinsel.
This is more Christmas colour decorations
that you can put around your home or on your

Christmas tree.
Another whole section of Christmas ornaments,
different colours, different shapes, different

And then again more, more Christmas trees.
So you'll notice too up behind me this store
has a Christmas wreath.

This up here is a Christmas wreath.
And they've put some balloons as well hanging
from the ceiling that are in Christmas colours,

so red, and white are Christmas colours.
So they have a wreath, and they also have
some near the front of their store.

I'm just trying to find my way out of the

So the store behind me is a clothing store
and you can actually see in the window here

that they have a Christmas tree.
So this store has a mannequin with some clothes
on it that they're selling and they have in

their front display window a Christmas tree.
So you'll notice in this store too that even
on top of the clothing racks they have little

signs, and above the signs they have little
what look like Christmas presents.

So behind me here there's actually a rack
of mittens, I'm not sure if you can see it,

but it's designed to look like, a little bit
like a Christmas tree.

So behind me you can see what we would call
a Christmas market.

So a Christmas market is a place where you
can buy things for Christmas.

You can buy fruits and vegetables.
You can buy wreaths and things to decorate
your home with.

You can buy fresh baked goods like breads,
but yeah, Jen and I are here today actually

selling our wreaths and centrepieces at a
Christmas market.

So I'll hold this up a little higher so you
can have a better view.

So that is a Christmas market.
So normally Santa would be over there, but
apparently he's feeding the reindeer right

now, so we'll see him, hopefully he comes
back a bit later.

So I have a special friend for you to meet.
Sometimes you see Santa at a parade, but sometimes..
Oh I see what you're doing.
Sometimes you see Santa at the mall.
So, hi Santa how are you?
How are you doing I'm good!
I'm pretty good!
Am I supposed to ask you for what I want for

That's usually how it works!
I'd like all the people that I teach English
to on Youtube to learn lots of English this

Well, I'll do my best!
Thank you very much!
That's all we can do.
So another thing that we have around Christmas
time, around the Christmas time of year is

local towns have parades.
So this street will actually be closed later
today and there will be a parade.

So right now there's cars driving along, but
this evening they'll close the road, and you

can actually see that people have their chairs
lined up kind of reserving the spot where

they're going to sit tonight.
So this road's going to be closed.
It's a nighttime parade, so it will be dark.
Night Time parades are really really cool.
My wife and kids and I are coming down and
hopefully I can get some scenes of the parade

for you.
So I'm sorry I didn't bring my microphone
so this might be hard to hear.

I'm standing out here on the street.
We're waiting for the parade to start.
It should be coming from that direction soon.
Like I said before maybe you already heard
me say this, it's raining.

It's a cold night to be out waiting for a

But it should be coming down the street soon.
So parade will quite often start with a police

No one's in trouble here, but usually the
beginning of a parade starts with a policeman

in a police car coming by.
Then you'll usually have some dignitaries,
maybe the mayor of the town, maybe local government

They really like to be in parades.
Here we have some fire fighters out.
And you'll notice this is our first float.
So the trailer behind the truck is called
a parade float.

Here we have a marching band.
Quite often parades have marching bands in

And they walk along and play their music.
And even tractors and big excavator machines
take the time to decorate themselves for Christmas.

Here we have a large transport truck with
lots of Christmas lights on it.

And you'll see that the back of the float
part we would call this the parade float,

has lots of Christmas trees.
Here we have another truck, and in front we
have a small four wheeler and a couple of

kids in a canoe celebrating Christmas in the
parade as well.

Here I thought this was cool because there
were so many flags.

I'm not sure if you see your flag, but this
was the tail end of a marching band and they

had some flags from different countries around
the world.

Here is a polar bear, I think, with a mini

Usually you see a horse or two in a parade
and the fire department usually brings out

their fire trucks.
So here we see one fire truck from the fire
department in the parade and in a moment here

we'll see another fire truck from the fire
department with all of their lights on and

sometimes they use their siren although it's
quite loud.

And here we have an ambulance.
No one's hurt.
They're here to celebrate Christmas, not to
help anybody.

Here we have a boat decorated as a float.
So that rhymes.
We have a boat that is decorated as a float
in the parade as well.

And here we have - this is the last float
in the parade.

The last float in the parade always has Santa
Claus on it.

So you can see his reindeer out front, Santa
Claus is in his sleigh, and he's waving to

all the people this is the last float.
That's the end of the parade.
Thanks for watching!
Well hey, Bob the Canadian here, thank you
so much for watching this video about Christmas.

Don't forget to subscribe by clicking the
red subscribe button below and the bell icon,

and if this video was helpful to you to learn
English please give me a thumbs up!

Don't forget to share this video with someone
and I just hope that you're having a great

day, and I hope if you celebrate Christmas
you're having a great Christmas season.

See you in the next video.
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Let's Learn English Words and Phrases About Christmas | English Video with Subtitles

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蔡天羽 published on December 19, 2018
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