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- [Narrator] Principles for Success,
an ultra mini-series adventure in 30 minutes,
and in eight episodes.
Episode seven, be radically open-minded.
(calm orchestral music)
Taking risks and occasionally being ruined
wasn't acceptable, and neither was not taking risks,
and not having exceptional results.
I needed an approach that would give me
the exceptional upside without also giving me
the exceptional downside.
When I discovered it, it turned out to be my holy grail.
To get it, I needed to replace the joy of being proven right
with the joy of learning what's true.
(birds chirping) (tranquil orchestral music)
This need prompted me to seek out
the most thoughtful people I could find
who disagreed with me.
I didn't care about their conclusions,
I just wanted to see things through their eyes,
and to have them see things through my eyes,
so that together, we could hash things out
to discover what's true.
In other words, what I wanted most from them
was thoughtful disagreement,
going from seeing things through just my eyes
to seeing things through the eyes of these thoughtful people
was like going from seeing things in black and white
to seeing them in color.
(orchestral music builds) (birds chirping)
The world lit up!
(lion growling)
(wings flapping)
That's when I realized that the best way
to go through the jungle of life is with insightful people
who see things differently from me.
Think about the five step process I described earlier.
As I said, because we are wired so differently,
not everyone can do all the five steps well,
but you don't have to do them all alone.
You can get help from others
who are good at what you're not,
who are wired to perceive things you can't.
All you need to do is let go of your attachment
to having the right answers yourself,
and use your fear of being wrong
to become open-minded to these other views.
(tranquil orchestral music) (birds chirping)
In this way, you could point out the risks and opportunities
that you would individually miss.
I found that taking this radically open-minded approach
and believability weighting people's thinking
significantly increased my probabilities
of making the best decisions possible.
This enabled me to ascend to greater heights
and greater challenges.
In the past, I would have always wanted to do
what I myself thought was best,
but now I sought out the strongest independent thinkers
I could find, I still do.
There is nothing better to be on shared mission
with extraordinary people who can be radically truthful,
and radically transparent with each other.
This approach led me to create a company
with a unique idea meritocracy,
operating in a unique way that produced unique successes.
In an idea meritocracy, you get the best of everybody.
Everyone thinks independently,
then we work through our disagreements
to get at what's best.
However, not every opinion is equally valuable,
and we had to learn to distinguish between good ideas
and bad ones to get the best decisions.
In other words,
we needed to believability weight people's thinking.
But that's another story I will explain
in my work principles.
Right now, there are many wonderful opportunities
and dangerous risks surrounding you that you don't see.
If you saw them free of the distortions produced
by your ego or your blind spots,
you would be able to deal with them more effectively.
If you could acquire this ability,
and with practice you can,
you will radically improve your life.
In episode eight, I will conclude our short journey together
with a few practical thoughts
so that you can begin your own journey
toward whatever you want.
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Principles for Success Be Radically Open-Minded: Episode 7

324 Folder Collection
Tony Yu published on December 18, 2018
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