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- [Ray] Principles for Success:
An Ultra Mini-Series Adventure
in 30 minutes and in eight episodes.
Episode three: The Five-Step Process.
We've discussed how important it is
to reflect carefully after experiencing pain.
When I did this, I was usually able to discover
principles that would prevent me from repeating
the same mistakes in the future,
and I could see that being successful
simply consisted of five steps.
Step one is to know your goals and run after them.
What is best for you depends on your nature,
so you need to really understand yourself
and know what you want to achieve in life.
Step two is to encounter the problems
that stand in the way of getting to your goals.
These problems are typically painful.
If handled badly, some of them can lead to your ruin.
But to evolve, you need to identify those problems
and not tolerate them.
Step three is to diagnose these problems
to get at their root causes.
Don't jump too quickly to solutions.
Take a step back and reflect in order to really distinguish
the symptoms from the disease.
Step four is to design a plan to eliminate the problems.
This is where you will determine what you need
to do to get around them.
And step five is to execute those designs,
pushing yourself to do what's needed
to progress towards your goal.
A successful life essentially consists
of doing these five steps over and over again.
This is your personal evolution,
and you see this process everywhere.
It's just a law of nature.
Think of any product, any organization,
or any person you know, and you will see
that this is true for them.
Evolution is simply a process of either adapting or dying.
Conceptually, it looks just like
the five step process I've described.
As you push through this often painful process,
you'll naturally ascend to higher
and higher levels of success.
I've found that when I did it better,
my struggling never became easier
because the more capable I became,
the greater the challenges I would take on.
Because different people are strong and weak at different
things, most people can't do all five steps well.
Not facing this reality means you could stretch
further than you should, and as the heights get greater,
your falls could also be greater.
Sometimes terrible things happen to all of us in life.
They can ruin us, or they can profoundly improve us,
depending on how we handle them.
Something like this happened to me in 1982.
In episode four, I'll show you what happened
and the lessons I learned.
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Principles for Success: The Five Step Process - Episode 3

765 Folder Collection
Tony Yu published on December 18, 2018
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