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- Hello everybody,
thank you for coming.
Can we give one more round of applause
for all the filmmakers
and great actors for RTX.

(audience applauding)
So we're gonna answer some questions now
and I'm going to introduce
the people on this panel.

I'm Jack Davis, the CEO
and co-founder of Crypt TV.

This is--
Does anyone know who this is?
- [audience member] Dead Meat.
- Oh, it's Dead Meat?
Oh shit, we got the wrong person here.
This is James Dead Meat Janisse.
Coming to the stage,
perfectly fashionably late,

Annie Northman who's actually a Crypt fan
and that's why we wanted to have her here.
Maybe our biggest fan, our first fan,
we're very lucky to have her.
And Kate Krantz, Chief
Content Officer of Crtypt TV.

- Oh yeah.
- And maybe looks like one more person's
gonna join the panel.
Oh oh.
Uh oh.
Hey, buddy.
It's pretty unsettling.
I guess that's the point though.
So thank you so much everyone for coming.
Yeah, get your pics in.
He'll get here.
Since we have such a great audience here,
and I appreciate everyone waking up early,
I wanna make this as
much QandA as possible

so you guys can ask James any questions,
or Annie, or Kate, or myself.
But real quickly I'll
start with you, James.

You are such a talent.
So much of your work is done in analysis
and you do opposite at Kill
Counts in the podcasting.

How did it feel to shift
gears and go back to

I know some of your roots in acting.
- Yeah, it was weird
'cause for the you know

past year I've just had total control
over all my creative projects
with everything on Dead
Meat and the Kill Count

and everything else so
especially that hosting is
very different than acting.

Hosting is just being myself
and goofin' around about movies,
and to show up on set
and for them to be like,

"No, you're like a heartless psychopath."
I'll try, yeah alright.
- How did the blood fountain bath feel?
- Oh my God, dude.
So that was the last day of
shooting on Look-See season two.

It was an overnight shoot
and it was in Griffith
Park in Los Angeles,

like a large wildernessy park
and that was around five in
the morning that we did that,

'cause it was obviously
the last thing we had to do

'cause I would be covered
in blood and so you know,

we're fighting to get
it in before like dawn

and it was just, there was
viscera in that fake blood.

There was like fake,
I think it was like pantyhose filled
with weird chunks of things
and on hit me in the
mouth and it tasted weird.

And then I had to drive
home covered in blood.

It was a weird experience.
- It's just so awesome that
James thinks the blood is fake,

so cool.
So, Annie.
- Yes.
- Well as the Crypt fan up here
as our, maybe out biggest fan,
what's your immediate reaction
to Look-See season two?

- It was really awesome,
I really liked it.

- Well that's good.
So when did you discover Crypts?
Are you a big Rooster
Teeth fan and in general

how much of your
entertainment do you watch

on YouTube and companies
like Crypt versus TV or film?

- Well at first I discovered
Crypt on Facebook actually.

It was like a video.
It was a vampire video.
I was like watching that one
and I was just watching it thinking like,
"Oh my God, this is really cool."
And so after that I was just like
clicking through the videos,
and scrolling and scrolling,
and after that I was just hooked.
- Can you also show off this
awesome vest you've made.

I'm sure everyone here appreciates it.
This I the coolest thing I've ever--
You can describe it to Kate.
- It is all by me.
Everything made by me, sewn by me.
(audience applauding)
- You know, obviously you have
someone like James up here

who's so talented in Crypt
in that community spirit

and the YouTube spirit.
We love people who make things themselves,
so very cool.
So, Kate, what do you
think the biggest parts

of Look-See season two are?
Is there anything maybe
you want to not explain,

but talk about that went
into making this season

and where you see it going from here?
- Yeah, so I mean I
hope you guys liked it.

We make it for you guys.
(audience applauding)
But our process, I don't
know if you guys recognize

how much control you guys have
over what we make at Crypt.

So we release the first season,
you guys liked this guy,

which we like him too.
And we saw that you guys
wanted a lot more understanding

of like how long has he
been around, his backstory.

So that's why we went
back in time to show you

that this guy's been around for a while.
- Of course it forms our understanding
of who we should be working with
to see what the fans respond.
So I wanna ask you James,
how do you incorporate your incredible,
very engaged community's
feedback into your work

and how do you think they will feel
about seeing you in a new role?
And as it comes to being a
creator, having a vision,

how do you also incorporate
other people's feedback.

- Oh yeah, well there's
kind of like a give and take

because a lot of people want
me to do a lot of things

and if I did them all,
I would just implode

from everything that they want.
And so it's definitely
like just trying to balance

what I want to do, what
I think would be best

for the channel and my
own creative endeavors,

and then what people want too.
Because for instance
like with the Kill Count

a lot of people are like
do Infinity War Kill Count.

I'm like it's not really my thing, sorry.
Sorry if you're out there
and you just want me to do Infinity Wars.
It's just I feel like that's
not being true to myself

'cause I wanna incorporate
what people want to see

and what people want me to do
while never feeling like
I'm like selling out.

And that's why it's so fun with Crypt TV
is because Alex, all your team
members hit me up in an email

and I actually missed the
email until months later

and then I checked it out and I was like,
"Oh, this is--"
'Cause I've gotten emails
from like mobile games

and people who want me to
plug their stuff and I'm like,

it just doesn't feel right.
It's not something I actually believe in.
But when I checked out Crypt's stuff
specifically Look-See
especially, I was like,

"Oh, this is something I
can really get behind."

And like when I talk about
it I can be sincere about it

because I actually really do like it.
- It's so interesting to hear that.
Annie, how important is it to you as a fan
that the channels you follow
stay organic in what they do?

And what would you say Crypt does well
and actually I'd even wanna
hear when we stray away,

you feel like the community doesn't like?
- Well it also kind of
depends on the person

'cause some people may
like the really scary stuff

and other people may like
the really silly stuff.

Like me, I like it all.
I'm not that picky.
It can be silly, it could be funny, it--
- [Jack] The best type of fan.
I wish everyone was you.
- I'm not that picky, I
love everything about it.

- Interesting.
And Kate, when it comes to
the filmmakers you work with,

does anyone here an aspiring filmmaker
or wants to act, or direct, or write?
Okay, a few hands.
Put those hands up.
What would you say our process is
and what would you say,
having worked in film before,

what opportunities does
this platform give,

and how can people best
take advantage of that?

- I mean, I'm a little biased
but I think that we are good about
abiding by best idea wins.
And if you have talent, you have passion
about what you're doing,
we will always love to work with you.
Like that's exciting to
us more than anything.

It's not about the resume,
it's about the vision

and we like cultivating fresh talent.
And we saw Landon off of
a couple YouTube videos,

some of which were like
his a cappella videos,

if you wanna deep dive into
some of those, good time.

But he has a real point
of view and perspective

so we were able to work with him
in a way that was digital-friendly.
He understands that the fan comes first
and that's something
that we always hammer.

It's all about the fan.
And we can always create something new,
and fresh, and original
if we abide by that.

- James, what's the most difficult part
of being a obviously self-supported?
You're making your own stuff,
your audience is what's
getting you your Google checks.

What's the most difficult
part of that though?

What are the things that
you think people don't see

that goes into this you
know, amazing work you do

but I'm sure feels like a
labor of love sometimes.

- Yeah, it's the amount
of work that goes into it.

And I try to show that, I try
to show behind the curtain.

That's why I do editing
live streams on my channel

to show people the work
that goes into a video

because it seems like
sometimes people think that

the video takes as long as it
takes to watch it, to make it.

And they're like, "Why are
you spending all this time

on a 15 minute video?"
And it can be up to like 40
hours for one of those videos,

and I'll do an editing live stream
and it'll be an eight
hour stretch of editing

and people will be like amazed by it.
And I'm like, that's not
even the whole thing, man.

That was just today's work.
So I really like, that's kind of
one of my missions on
YouTube is to show people

the work that goes into being a YouTuber.
I think that a lot of people think
that it's just this really
easy job to fall into,

and it's the dream job, I'll
never complain about having it

because I love what I do and I love
that I get to do it, I'm very fortunate.
But I don't want people to
think that it's a simple thing.

I want people to know
the reality behind it,

that it's constant work and especially
relying on other people,
it's very unstable.

And can be scary sometimes.
- And when it comes to
relying on other people,

what do you think, do
you feel like the movies

that you're actually covering,
those studios, support you?

Do you get more support,
because I always look at it

is you're giving them
amazing, free promotion.

- Yeah.
I would love it if they felt the same way.
I hear that a lot from fans that they like
didn't know about movies
that I've covered,

or they've had written them off previously
but after seeing my videos on them
went out and bought
them and supported them.

I always try to reTweet those Tweets
just to show that that's happening.
Yeah, it'd be cool to get a little bit
more support from the studios.
And I think I'm starting to,
now with the growth that I've experienced,
I think I'm starting to
open those channels of communication.
- Yeah?
Well we'd love to help with that.
- Well, thank you.
- Annie, what percentage,
I'm just curious,

what percentage would you say
are you watching TV, and
your favorite TV shows,

and favorite movies, versus
your favorite YouTube channels,

your favorite YouTube content?
- Let's see.
I would have to say,
it's kind of like 50/50.

Because I do spend a lot of time online
watching Crypt TV videos
and other videos as well,

and occasionally I'll be watching
like a scary movie on TV, if something--
- And when you're watching YouTube,
are you just going
intentionally to see what's new

on your favorite channels,
or just spending hours once you're there,
or how would you say you watch?
- Sometimes I would just browse
through a certain channel,

just check out different
videos, see what I like.

And other times I would just go
to like my favorite channels,
just like type in something

like "best scary horror short"
and just like follow through.

- And just go, and go, and go.
Well I wanna make sure we have lots,
and lots of time for QandA
and that every single maybe
even person can ask a question.

So who wants to ask a question first?
Right there.
I think you can go to the
mic there if you want.

Or you can maybe just--
- [Kate] That's a long journey.
- Yeah.
This is your personal journey.
- [James] We're not all staring at you,
don't worry, man.
- Don't mess up now.
- [Audience Member] Let's hope I don't,
okay yeah that's not too loud.
Last time I nearly burst
an eardrum trying to talk.

So have you considered
partnering with Netflix

with The Look-See and all that?
- Just like James wants his
movie studios to see that,

we would love Netflix
to hear that question.

But no, to answer that question seriously
we would work with a bigger
partner, someone like Netflix,

if we felt like that was the best way
to tell more of the Look-See story.
We're very excited to release
these four to the public,

I think people are gonna love them.
One thing I love about YouTube
is you can go and re-watch,
and re-watch, and re-watch.

So there's a lot of hidden things in there
that maybe some people picked up on
and wanna ask, or maybe you missed.
So once we release these four episodes
we'll see how the reaction is
but obviously we love this
show, we love this character.

All Crypt monsters exist
in the same universe

so we're excited to
reveal how this character

interacts with our other monsters.
But we would do that, but only
if it's right for that IP.

Only if after these next four episodes,
or a future season, or a season three
we decide this is the next best step.
In the front.
- [Audience member] Hi,
so I have two questions.

Firstly, what gave you
the idea for The Look-See?

Did you like take an
idea off of Slender Man,

or was it just your own
childhood nightmare?

- [Jack] Kate.
- That's a good question.
So all of the characters
in the Crypt multiverse

are connected, like Jack said.
What we try to do is come up with
a motivation for each character
that fits into something that's universal
for a lot of people, right?
So this dude's all
about emotional baggage.

And the lesson being like
you carry that with you

it's starts to change you into something
you don't even recognize.
It's not good for you,
you just gotta let it go.

This is a really extreme example of that
but that's how that came about.
So we ideated just the concept of it
and we sat down with Landon
and the design came together,

and then the story
actually came from that.

- [Jack] Annie, as a fan
how much are you interested

in the deeper emotional story
versus just enjoying the videos,
or what's the balance and how much
are you actually reading
through other people's comments

for theories when you're
watching a Crypt character?

- Well as a fan, me, I really do love
like the deep psychological stuff
and like the emotional
stuff 'cause it's like more

realistic to me and that's
what makes horror like really,

makes me wanna enjoy it a whole lot more.
What was the other question?
- That was perfect, that was it.
Who wants to go next for a question?
- [Audience member] Do any
monsters have like weaknesses?

- [Jack] Any monsters have weaknesses?
- They do, that's such a good question.
You'll notice in a lot of Crypt shorts,
without telling you all of the secrets,
a lot of our characters are connected
to what we call the Totem.
So the watch in this is a totem
and it kind of navigates with
the monster in our world.

So for some characters,
you can use the totem

like in The Birch just
to summon the character,

and then she acts on her own free will
even though she has her own moral compass.
But others like the Look-See,
you'll come to see in future
episodes that they actually,

he needs a human proxy in
order to navigate in our world.

And it's very closely tied to the person
that has possession of the watch.
- Hmm.
Back there.
- [Audience member]
First off I wanted to say

I'm a huge fan, specifically
of The Look-See.

It's out of everything that
I've watched on Crypt TV

it's gotta be my big, favorite--
- [Jack] Well just tell 'im thank you.
He's right up here.
- [Audience member] Well thank you.
One thing, what was it?
I forgot the question.
- [Jack] I get 19 minutes, don't worry.
- [Audience member] How exactly does all
this play on each other, really?
Like all the monsters with each other
and all that kind of stuff.
And specifically whenever
you're writing an episode

for The Look-See, what
inspires the character

or rather the human who is being attacked
or hunted by the Look-See.
- That's a really great question, so--
- [Jack] Yeah, don't give away too much.
- We have a, we gotta keep some
of this under lock and key,

but there's about like
a hundred page document

that we have at Crypt that's 100% private
that is kind of our guiding light
and the genesis story of
our entire multiverse.

So that's what we refer
to when we're coming up

with new characters.
When it comes to the human characters
that we're tying to the monster
I think it's really important
that we don't have people in our stories
that are just for fodder.
I think it's really
important that we reinforce

that human beings have agency
and that there's always good at your core
and you have an opportunity to change
and I think that that
shapes our world view

so we wanna be positive
with how we present that.

Now obviously there's a
rainbow of personality types

in this universe and some
people are bad people

and we wanna show those.
We also wanna show people
who are good inside

but have trouble making the
right decision sometimes.

So it's a lot, we want everyone to feel
like they have a mirror when
they're watching our content.

Maybe not in one particular piece,
but across all of our 800
individual pieces of IP

that we've created so far.
There's something for you that we hope
helps you navigate your life in this world
contextualized in the Crypt multiverse.
- [Jack] James, maybe you
wanna share for everyone

what it was like to work with,
'cause everyone knows
you as a great talent

from obviously probably
the podcast or Dead Meat,

what it was like off a director
and how an actor, that
relationship is so important?

And then what it's like as an actor
playing off the other actors in your scene
and how important that dynamic is?
- Yeah, so working with Landon was great,
the writer/director.
Like I said, I went to film
school and he just reminded me

of people who I went to film school with
in the best kind of way.
Just having that vision, and energy,
and drive to get it done.
So he was great because he was just,
I think one of the most important things
that a director can do that maybe
you don't think of as a director's job
is to just keep everyone
on set motivated and happy

and he always had a smile,
he was always willing

to himself do the extra work
that needed to get done.

I mean for some of the
shots he was crawling around

in the loft of the barn
and getting all dirty

just like trying to get the shot right.
So when you see that,
when you see the director
of the project doing that

it just inspires you to
do everything you can.

And as far as like reacting
with the other actors,

a lot of my scenes were
with Mr. Look-See there

and it's not hard to act
against that because you know,

four in the morning, in
the woods in Griffith Park

and he's like stepping out from under
or from behind a tree, I don't
really have to act that much.

I'm like, "Oh geez, alright."
So that's a lot of fun.
Also getting blood dumped on
me, there's no acting there.

- Don't trust us, don't trust us.
Who wants to ask the next question?
Right there, hand went up first.
There's a mic right there if you want to.
- [Audience member] Hi.
Okay so, I really like Look-See
but I have noticed that
it's extremely similar

to Slender Man in a sense
psychologically, physically.

And it's obvious that it's
stemmed from Slender Man

in a sense that it's
inspired from Slender Man.

And would you say that the Look-See
would ever hae been created if Slender Man
hadn't skyrocketed in popularity?
- Speaking on behalf of Crypt,
I can't speak on behalf of Landon
who's our filmmaker is
obviously not here today,

You know I think there's
always gonna be similarities

between monsters in the
emotional anchoring of them

and how people feel, but we obviously feel
like our characters are very distinct.
I think, of course, it's a
completely fair question.

That's why it's up to us as we grow,
not just the Look-See,
but grow all of our
monsters and characters

to keep giving them distinct storylines,
distinct characters
within those new episodes.

So I think that it's something
you will see from the Look-See
as more and more episodes come.
Like I said, we wanna
release this season first

and see how people react before
we decide what comes next.

But I think for Look-See,
as well as every character
in the Crypt multiverse,

they have specific reasons for being.
Specific storylines that we think
make them unique from anything else.
Back right.
- [Audience member] Hello, okay
I wanted to ask, I've
noticed that throughout

the show of Look-See, you have your actors
being silent and all, just using
their acting muscles for everything.
So I wanted to ask what
made you decide to do that.

- A few things.
I think first of all we've
noticed that our viewers

they're really smart and we don't have to
spell everything single
thing out for them.

I think we can give them
the framework of the story

and it's almost like when
you don't have every piece

your imagination runs wild,
and that's when it can eek

into your own nightmares
after you've seen it.

The other part is, we've a
huge international fan base

and not everyone is an English speaker
and sitting and reading it
in subtitles is an option

but ultimately it's gonna detract
from the intended experience.
So we want everyone, no matter
where you are in the world,

to be able to come into
the Look-See universe

and have a similar shared experience.
- [Jack] Annie, as a fan, do
you enjoy the no dialogue?

In these now eight Look-See episodes?
- Oh yeah.
I'm all for it, I love it.
- James, I actually
think it's harder to act

when you don't have lines of dialogue
because then it becomes--
So how is that for you on set?
- Yeah, my job is to talk a lot.
You know, my scripts for my videos
are like 4,000 to 5,000 words
that I spit out really fast

and so it was difficult for
me to not say anything on set

and to just try to emote with my face.
Especially since the
character I was playing,

the description was emotionless.
So I was like, okay uh this is a challenge
but it was a lot of fun
and as a person who has done filmmaking
and was on set for this
experience I've also gotta say

I don't think it was a cause
or a reason to have no dialogue

but a nice little byproduct of that
is it's way easier to shoot when
you don't have to worry
about recording sound

because recording sound
is a separate thing

in the filmmaking process
that you have to like
merge after the fact.

But even just as simple as
oh while you're shooting the video
it's like you can say things like,
alright Look-See lean
down, lean down, okay stop.

Okay good.
And you can say that
while the camera's rolling

and it doesn't matter
'cause there's no sounds

so that was nice.
- Yeah well you did a great job with it.
- Oh, thank you.
- Right there.
- [Audience member] I just wanted to know
how big is your team growing
if you guys still upload
videos like every few days?

- Crypt has an 18 person
team in the office.

But obviously our team extends
way beyond just 18 people.

We get to work with
talented people like James.

You know just because our
directors, or our production crew,

or all the people who are doing lighting
and gaffing aren't on set,
I mean aren't on like
full time Crypt employees

we still consider them part of our team.
So we have 18 people full time.
We have so many other people
helping, and chipping in,

and get to work with
great people like Poised

who's sitting here in the
second row, and James.

We consider them part of our team.
And of course the only
reason we have a company

is because of all the people who watch,
and the fans, and the community.
So that's probably the most important part
of the whole team.
- [Audience member] So you
mentioned that there's this totem

and like things like the
Birch can be summoned.

Does that mean there's
like a monster realm

and do we get to see it at some point?
- You guys are very smart people.
You are going to see
pieces of our multiverse.

I can't give away too much right now but
we've had our writer who kind of
works on this with us always
sitting down with like
a theoretical physicist

to actually write this.
It's pretty intense.
But you know I think that the,
what I can tell you is that
there's multiple layers

to the evolution of these monsters.
Look-See is obviously not a human,
this is a full blown monster.
But there's actually a tier of both above
and in between Look-See and human,
and you're gonna see a
lot of those characters

start to populate in Sunny Family Cult
which we have premiering this fall too.
You are gonna see for the first time
human beings interacting with monsters
from multiple other shows
and have like real, tangible
crossovers start to happen.

So we're gonna answer a lot
of those questions with new shows
and you're probably gonna have
50 more questions after you see them
and we'll do our best to keep up with it.
- And you just must spend your entire day
in the comments section
debating those questions.

Next question, speaking of questions.
Back, way back right.
You'll go next, way back right.
This guy just got the mic.
- [Audience member] Kind
of a two-part question.

How do you keep it light on
the set for the little girl?

I mean, do you like tell her,
does Look-See tell her jokes
just to keep the mood light?

And then also are there any
like kid-sized monsters coming?

- That's a great question.
For the little girl, you
know we work with kids a lot

and we make sure that
they're in the make up room

and they see the monster getting ready,
and they talk to the actor before,
and they know like--
- [Jack] And then we
bring in a new monster

to really fuck with them.
- We have had incidents where you know
even when we're shooting
the stuff gets really scary,

which is our intent, and
both adults and children

need like a moment every once in a while,
depending on the intensity level.
So we try and be really
respectful of that.

Kid-sized monsters, yes.
We have a few that already
exist in the universe.

We have more that are coming.
Kids are scary, so we're definitely--
We're definitely gonna have more.
- [Jack] Annie, as a media lover,
do you watch YouTube videos,
I'm guessing you watch
YouTube videos primarily alone

'cause that where most
people watch YouTube videos,

and how is that different,
watching alone something scary

versus maybe going to a theater
where you're with a bunch of other people?
- Well me, I prefer actually watching
a lot of scary things alone
'cause it kinda brings you
more to like the scary setting

'cause I love a whole dark
room, just the TV or whatever,

just a dark room, scary movie, silence.
Just the whole ambience it
just makes it even more better.

- [Jack] Create your own ambience.
- [Audience member] I
was just wantin' to know

what inspires these monsters
like as far as their relationships?
Like for Look-See, what inspired
the emotional baggage connection,
or protector of women, or whatever?
- There's a very simple answer
but it's truly talking to you guys.
You guys commenting
and sending us messages

and telling us about your life
and what you're going through

and why this genre is important to you
and how it helps you navigate
through certain situations.

100% that's what guides us.
We don't pick things
that we feel are trendy.

We want things that we feel like can apply
and make these characters
lasting and iconic

and have them serve a purpose
that you can grow up with

and it also be engaging and interesting.
So you guys who are talking
to us and sending us messages,

we watch every single
fan video that you make,

we read every single
comment across the company.

It's not just like the data team
you know going through
them and trying to use it,

it's the development team
and everyone on content

who's making sure that
we're taking into account

what matters to you.
- And just to add to that I would say
it's scary and monsters I think
give a permission structure

to talk about deeper issues.
You know, sometimes comedy can do that.
Sometimes super hero movies can do that.
And monsters and scary can do that.
So we just want to talk about relevant,
emotionally anchoring stories
and monsters is just the way we do that.
We have five more minutes,
so if you have a question.

Have you asked a question yet?
Nope, well then you're up.
- [Audience member] You kinda
covered it with that last bit.

My question was gonna be, I found you guys
through analysis channels like Night Mind,
and Conflicts and so on.
How much of those, how
much of that content

do you guys go out to go look for
and see what do people think
or like, hey can't believe
they missed this thing.

Can't wait for someone to figure it out.
Little things like that, how much of--
- It's a complete partnership, you know.
I think it's kind of what James said in,
this guy is so honest with
who he wants to work with.

Maybe I'll let you take
a little bit of it.

But from the Crypt's side I know
we don't want to just go work
with the biggest numbers YouTuber
or maybe someone who
doesn't fit our brand.

If we're gonna be honest
about telling emotionally
anchoring stories

we want to collaborate
and work with people

who are both A: excited about our mission,
B: are doing it because
they are interested

in helping us and sharing with us
the ability to tell these stories,
and I forgot what C was,
so I'm gonna pass that to you James.
- Maybe C was stuff that partners
who like you audience is related to.
- Partners who like--
That's exactly correct.
- Yeah.
I mean when I did the collaboration,
the first collaboration video with Crypt,
not to toot my own horn,
but I think you guys

got like 17,000 subscribers in a day.
And it was cool to feel
like I had sent people over,

that many people over, but
it wouldn't have happened

if it weren't for your products
because I could just you know
I could make a video collaborating
with anyone on the internet
and people aren't going to necessarily
follow through on that unless
they really like the thing
that I'm showing them.

So I think that was the biggest indication
that this partnership was a great idea.
- That's a great point.
And that point is of course that
we only wanna work with people,
and I think they only wanna work with us
if as they say, one plus one equals three.
That combining our forces
make everyone bigger

than you could have ever expected.
And that's gonna only come
if there's true affinity

for the content on both channels.
- Synergy.
- Synergy.
- Yeah.
- Business.
He hasn't asked a question yet
so I wanna give him a chance.
- [Audience member] When
you made the first episode

of Look-See, did you know
what you were gonna do

for the rest of the series,
or did that sort of come afterwards?
- So we develop with an in-house roadmap
that plugs into the
universe that's existing

so we kinda of have the
guardrails already set,

but we wait to color that in
until we talk to the audience

and we see what they're
really excited about.

But we try and tailor it so each one
will get more and more
specific and narrow.

Like after this new season releases
we have pretty clear idea of the direction
we want wanna go story wise.
But we'll wait to color
out the exact characters

until we see who our audience
is really excited about.

- [Jack] Who has not--
Raise your hand if you have
not asked a question yet.

Then this gentleman right here.
And then I got you next, buddy.
- [Audience member] Hi.
So I just wanted to ask
how did you guys come up

with the look for the Look-See?
'Cause I feel like, especially in this age
it's hard to come up
with something original.

So how did you come up with like the look,
how he acts, how he walks, all of that?
- So you know, I wish Landon was here
to answer some more
specifics for you on that,

but I think on our side
what was important to us

is that it represent visually his action.
So when he's physically
taking a piece of you

and he's consuming a piece of you
that's why he's different pieces of flesh.
These are different individuals
that he is made up of.

He's the sum of their parts.
And then in terms of the
hands, we care a lot about,

for some reason in a lot of our content
hands are so important to us in the visual
and how we see them creeping around,
so we wanted them to feel elongated.
But it was also critical for us
this isn't like a creature,
this is from behind

if he's standing
somewhere, his silhouette,

he looks almost human which is
really disturbing to us too.

I think that those were kind of
the starting off points
for the conversation.

And then once we sketched out
that first episode story wise,

the pieces just kind of came together.
- [Audience member] How long about--
to create like make-up wise?
- It varied from the
first season to the second

because the second season
we did some finessing

for the actual mask.
But it's usually a few hours
to get him totally up
and running, good to go.

And then there's touch-ups
that happen throughout the day.

- Thank you so much
everyone for coming out.

- Thank you.
(audience applauding)
- Let's give one last big hand.
Up here we have, up here
between these three folks

we have everyone that
really represents Crypt.

Which is the amazing talent
we get to collaborate with.

An amazing person in his community, James.
Everyone clap for 'im.
Obviously we have an amazing content team,
directors, actors, writers,
and Kate leads them all,

so huge, huge applause for Kate.
And then I saved the best
for last because Annie

we appreciate your longtime
Crypt loyalty and support.

- Oh, you're welcome.
- And fans are number one for us.
It's the only reason we
get to do this every day.

If we get to continue to do this
that'll be the only reason why
so our community and our fans come first
so thank you for joining us.
- You're welcome.
Thanks for having me.
- Thank you everybody.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
(creepy music)
(upbeat music)
- [Announcer] Watch new scary bits
every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
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Look-See RTX Panel feat. Dead Meat | Rooster Teeth Expo 2018 | Crypt TV

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Amy.Lin published on December 17, 2018
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