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(Hateful laughing)
Come here Pretty Boy, fuck you

(Water splashes)
You okay in there?

We're leaving in 45 minutes.
Okay Dad.
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Okay..! This is it.

You ready?
Happy birthday, son.
I'll be right out...
Don't touch my shit.
You like music?
You like it fast or slow?
(Aggressive coughing)
You look hot.
Huh, your Dad said you had something for me?

Yeah he gave me 500 dollars.
(Sigh of relief)
He picked the birthday special.

Happy birthday.
What's your name?
Sean James Collins.
Sean James Collins...
Sounds like a dirty cocktail.
I like that...

What's your name?
Whatever you want it to be.
You pick.
Just wanna pretend I'm some girl at school..?
Or maybe a teacher?
Wanna call me Mama?
Whatever you want, baby.
(Sigh of impatience)
My name's Katie.
It's nice to meet you, Katie!
Ah, you too!
Take off your pants.
(Heavy breathing)
You ever played Cowgirl?
So I'm on top...
And you lie there doing nothing...
And I do this...
See something you like?
Wait, wait, wait...
I've never done this before...
Oh I have.
I'm gonna teach you.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
What is wrong with you, kid?!
I just don't want to have sex with someone like you.
Then why the fuck are you here?
Get your shit, and get the fuck out.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean t-to...
Are you deaf? I said get the fuck, out.
Wait I-I... I have the money.
I don't need your money.
I don't need your bullshit.
(Police sirens in the distance)
(Knock x5)
I can get more money?
Can I come back inside, please?
I think I need your help tonight.

How much?
Maybe a couple hundred more?
You got 2 minutes.

I never told anybody about anything.
I don't know why I'm telling you.
Well you better hurry up.

My Dad...
...found a magazine in my room...
It had naked men in it.
I'm so ashamed.
I just keep praying t-to God, to... Mom...

For this to go away.
But... I can't.
It won't.
I thought I would fix this tonight.
Maybe we should just have sex now.
I'm hungry.

Are you hungry?
(Knock x5)
(Window rolls down)
Everything okay?
We're hungry.
That's gonna be extra.
How's it going?
Nothing I can't handle.
Thank you.
And God bless.
You should've seen what I had on last night, honey.
This town has enough trash as it is...
Honey. (Mockingly)
I can see that.
How dare you?
How dare I what?
You gonna clean that up?
Good night cat-lady.
People, you know? Hmph!
What are we in the mood for?
I could do some chips?
Salt and vinegar or sour cream and onion?
Salt and vinegar?
(Clearing her throat)
Excuse me?!
So... You like girls, guys or both?
Okay... You have this magic compass in your pants called a "penis".
Just let it point you in the right direction.
Who do you want to kiss the most?
I've never kissed anyone before.
Oh, that wasn't the question.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it sound good? (Awkwardly)
Pick a muffin.
We got... blueberry, chocolate chip, bran, and uh... pumpkin.
Pumpkin it is.
How long have you liked pumpkin muffins?
Then if you want to eat a pumpkin muffin, you eat a pumpkin muffin.
And you don't let anybody deny you that fucking pumpkin muffin, you got it?
Here hold this.
Hey, open that.
I need one more thing.
Make a wish.
You're not from around here, are ya?
About an hour away.
You're in highschool?
Yeah, I'm a senior.
Do you mind?
Go ahead.
Did it bother you?
About these people in the store tonight.
Not anymore.
People ever look at you weird..?
Call you names..?
People at school call me a lot of names.
Like what.
Pretty boy, mostly.
It doesn't bother me, though.
My Mom used to call me that.
She said I was her pretty boy.
Weird, huh?
Not really.
What are you covering up?
(Knock x3)
Sean, it's your father.
Take of you clothes again, hurry up!
How are my boobs?
Yup, you're gay.
(Door opens)
How rude of you to interrupt.
I was just checking in. Hey Sean.
Hi Dad.
Listen, Kathie...
Uh, it's Katie. You can call me Katie.
It's getting close to midnight and I'm just curious when things are gonna be... accomplished.
John is it?Two things.
One: You paid me for the entire night.
And two: I don't think he is... accomplished.
Are you?
Umm... Not yet, Dad.
Okay then. I'll be in the car. I'll be in the car, Sean.
Is there a problem John?
You got a great kid in there.
Yeah... He doesn't need a friend Katie. You're a hooker... right?
Act like it.
Excuse me?!
Mind if I smoke?
I'm not paying you to talk, I'm paying you to get up there and do your job.
Why I do your fucking job?
You got a kid up there that's so lost right now.
So he told you.
Didn't have to.
I've had people ask me some pretty fucked up stuff, but this...
Okay enough. I brought him here to fix this.
For you to fix
What?Am I some fairy fucking God-hooker?
What exactly am I supposed to fix?
I don't know.
Oh god... What? You think I hit my kid?
You call him names?
Do you?
Gimme 20 bucks.
Gimme 20 bucks.
Because I fucking said so.
You fucked up my lip line.
We should go.
Not until the hooker gets her money.
You sure you wanna do this?
I want to be good.
Okay... Hum...
Close your eyes.
Think of one person you wanna kiss. It can be anybody.
What's his name?
Okay close your eyes again.
I want you to picture me as David.
Just... Ignore to cute boobs.
What do you like about him?
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking about him.
His hair...
His eyes...
His smile.
He's always really nice to me.
His face.
That was awful.
No, it was fine. You're good.
Why would you-...

You have a little of lipstick in here.
Let's get that off.
On your teeth too.
I mean you can pull that off.

So when did you know?
I think I've always known.
Just didn't know what it was.
When I was growing up, we had this huge field behind my house.
And I remember when I was 12 or 13...
I would just run there after school, and I would just... scream as loud as I could.
I just wanted it out. Whatever it was.
One day my Mom heard me.
She came out of the house into the field.
She kneeled down next to me.
She put her hand over my mouth... and just said...
Just breathe honey.
Like she knew what was going on.
And then she got sick.
It only got worse.
Now, I was the one telling her to breathe.
And when she stopped... I wanted to stop.
And you didn't!
You're strong!
No, I just couldn't breathe in.
It's the exhaustion of trying to fix something that's not broken.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you like doing this?
He's my kid, Brandon.
How old is he?
Four... Almost.
Do I like doing this?
I don't think about that.
Do I wanna get out of it?
He's my reason!
This's for last night.
It's pretty.
It is.
(Water flowing)
Hi Mom, it's Kate. (Phone disconnects)
Hey guys, it's me.
I don't need anything.
Just let me talk to my son.
I know you can fucking hear me.
Fucking pick up the phone. (Crying)
Tell Brandon I said happy birthday and... (Phone beeps)
(Phone bangs against phone box)
Sean, I want you to know how special you are.

Anyone lays a hand on you, tell someone, and don't cover it up.

Someone calls you a name, you walk right through it.

Get your diploma, go to college, or job interview...

Don't let yourself or anyone else stop you.

Walk out the door, if the family you were born with, isn't the family you should be with...

Because there's a family out there for everyone. Even you.

My pretty boy.

Hey buddy.
So how'd it go?
Dad, I want to tell you something...
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'PRETTY BOY' Award Winning LGBT Short Film (2017)

109 Folder Collection
hc9166 published on December 17, 2018
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