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Today at Agnew we're going to talk about
the 5 most important things you need to know
about simultaneous interpretation.
First are the interpreters.
Simultaneous interpretation takes a graduate level education
and years of training and practice.
And it's very important to match your interpreters expertise
with the subject matter you are presenting.
The second most important part of simultaneous interpretation
are reference materials
Any documents, reports, or presentations
you can provide the interpreter before the event
will ensure your message is delivered effectively.
Third is an ISO certified interpretation booth
The booth provides a controlled environment
where the interpreters can focus on their work
and not disturb the audience.
The fourth most important thing you need
for a successful simultaneous interpretation event
are qualified technicians and equipment.
We use infrared systems for secure transmissions
FM for large single language events
and digital systems for large Multilanguage conferences.
Finally, one of the most overlooked elements
of a successful interpretation event
is Project Management.
At Agnew Multilingual
we assign a dedicated project manager
to handle all of your interpretation logistics.
From selecting the right interpreters
and gathering the reference materials
to setting up the booths
and managing the technicians
Our project managers
will make sure you have a successful event.
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Simultaneous Interpretation: Five things you need to know

170 Folder Collection
Anita Lin published on December 17, 2018    Vera translated    Evangeline reviewed
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